995 HOPE Making Home Affordable Government Program?

Posted on Sep 28, 2012 in HARP Refinance

Question by love_people_please: What kind of documentation do you need to provide when you get a stated income loan today ?
I’ve heard that lenders are asking for documentation proving your income even on stated loans. My husband is self-employed and I get tips.

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Answer by Landlord
Your tax returns for the last two years are usually proof enough.

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Question by Beloved Éclair: 995 HOPE Making Home Affordable Government Program?
Has anyone had experience with this program?

I’m currently working on “Modification” with my bank, discount Wells Fargo. And I received an information packet from them that is suppose to be part of the “Making Home Affordable” program.

However, medical I just called the Government program, via the number I got from the 2011 Consumer Action Handbook. (Invaluable resource I swear), and they have no record of me through WF.

Now, I’m wondering if Wells grabbed that “Making Home Affordable” tag line and is working their own deal with their account holders.

In the interim I wonder if anyone has had experience with the actual Government program that helps those in foreclosure, like myself but with no sale date yet, to stay in their homes.

Thank you for your attention.
Please, this is an emotional time for our family so, serious respectful answers only please. 🙂 Thank you for your understanding.

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Answer by WACO
Trust, but verify.

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