First Trust Deed Investing Information

First Trust Deed Investing Information

Finance One First Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed Investing

Unlike other private money lenders, adiposity Finance One compensates our Trust Deed Investing investors with origination points at close of each transaction…we are a true partner to our investors! Call 1-888-814-8406 , more about or email for details!

Finance One Trust Deed Investmenting can offer high returns with low risk. Trust deeds are similar in function to traditional mortgages. The primary Trust Deed Investing difference is that while mortgages involve only two parties, a borrower and a lender, trust deeds involve three: a borrower, a lender and a trustee. The Trust Deed Investing trustee is a third party who holds legal title to the property in question on behalf of the lender until the loan is paid in full. In the event of default, the lender can take possession of the property. Trust Deed Investing investors can invest in trust deeds either by directly making a loan or by purchasing an existing promissory note.

If you are looking for Trust Deed Investing higher rates of return than other fixed rate investments, or want less volatility than stock investments, then you should be Trust Deed Investing with us! Typical returns are 9% to 15% annually. Trust Deed investing requires a minimum investment of $50,000. You can also invest your IRA funds using a Self Directed IRA.

Qualifications: We sell Trust Deed Investing real estate notes and trust deed investments to qualified investors who have a net worth of over $250,000, and who have experience in Trust Deed Investing or real estate and/or buying real estate notes and trust deeds.

Improve Your Investment Portfolio…Short and Long Term, High Yield Trust Deed.

Single Notes:
•Trust Deed Investing investors can purchase single whole notes secured by real property. The investor owns the entire note and the borrower pays the investor monthly mortgage payments which are collected by a servicing agent and distributed to the investor every month.

Property Types Loaned Against:
•Single Family Residential and 1 – 4 units, both owner-occupied and investment properties
•5-unit to 100-unit apartment buildings
•Income Producing Commercial: office, retail, manufacturing, warehousing
•Residential and commercial construction lending

High Yield Trust Deed Investing Notes:
•Short or Long Term Interest Bearing
•Fixed Rates
•Earn 9% to 11% interest annually (can earn more if they are paid off early)
•Vary in size between $50,000 to $1,000,000

You Will Receive in Your Possession:
•Trust Deed Investing Promissory Note
•Trust Deed Investing Recorded Deed of Trust – giving you a secured lien against the property
•A Policy of Title Insurance/Endorsement insuring your position as Beneficiary
•A Fire Insurance Policy Endorsement insuring your investment against fire

Our Loan Service Benefits:
•Professional management of each account
•All necessary collection functions
•Collection of borrower’s monthly payments
•Disbursement of payments to you within days of receipt
•ACH deposits available
•Assistance with payoffs and any other service related issues

Benefits as an Investor:
•Earn a high rate of interest on your investment (secured by real estate)
•Automated, full service Loan Servicing at a minimal charge
•Amortized schedule on those notes that require one
•Very little time is required by you when we handle your loan servicing

If you would like to become an investor, and you meet the qualifications above, contact us at First Trust Deed Investing Information can change at any time.

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