are there any programs or grants that will help start a business?

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 in Stated Income Loans

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Question by bizzy: are there any programs or grants that will help start a business?
are there any programs out there that will help me open up a fast food restaurant in the state of Illinois such as grants, sildenafil rx or can the government help out ?

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Answer by Henry
There are no grants to start a business unless it’s in basic research or child care. Contact the local SBA office to find out about guaranteed loans.

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  1. Finding federal grants for initial start cost for a profit organization is nearly impossible. Grants are usually given to non-profit organizations like schools or churches, however, there are few grants through the state for rural development for profit organizations, but they usually involve businesses that will enhance rural development or urban development. There are private agencies that provide grants, but usually these are small grants and you have to meet the requirements of their criterias.

    Your best bet will be a guaranteed SBA loan or a micro loan. Some of there loan programs require collateral and you should have a thorough business plan ready.

    Another option is to find an Angel investor, but these people usually want a share of your company before you even open your doors. Goodluck.

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