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Posted on Aug 2, 2012 in Real Estate Info

Examine out these huge property images:

The Huge Property, ed prescription Huge Heart run, for sale 2011

Image by Tatiana12

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A Huge House Victory

Image by MightyBoyBrian
Not knowing the next time I’d be in a position to come to an additional University of Michigan, I produced sure to take as a lot of panoramas with my DSLR as I could.

This was taken immediately after UofM triumphed more than Notre Dame 38-34 in an incredible game.

This panorama source files had been edited in Lightroom then stitched with Autopano Pro.

Genuinely, this is meant to be viewed significant.

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the now even larger home!

Image by rebecca anne

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  1. Excuse my English ignorance, but I don’t understand American Football!

    Very cool shot though! Nice one 😛

  2. That’s quite alright, I don’t understand rugby in the least.

  3. superb wide pic Brian, really best viewed in the Original size

  4. WOW…..incredible shot.=D"

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  5. What a great panorama. I think you placed the camera perfectly for this shot.

    I like the clouds. They’re distorted just enough by the wide angle to make them fun, but still preserve the feeling of clouds.


    Great Capture!!!

  6. This is an absolutely kickin’ macro Brian! The sea of yellow really shines on the large size.
    The clouds put on a pretty good show as well!

  7. Thats awesome Brian, love the finished result.

  8. Thanks for this blog post on lenders. I learned a lot!

  9. Pretty great read on home loans. Nice work!