Can I get a FHA loan after bankruptcy and foreclosure?

Posted on Oct 24, 2012 in FHA Information

fha mortgage after bankruptcy
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Question by gdroot1961: Can I get a FHA loan after bankruptcy and foreclosure?
I file bankruptcy 2 years ago. I reaffirmed my house then decided I could not afford it. I had two mortgages and we moved out and told bank to foreclose. They sold house and I was told that they could not collect anything owed because of the state laws where I live and that I had filed bankruptcy. Now my credit report shows the bankruptcy but not the foreclosure. So I am wandering if somehow the foreclosure will show up somewhere once I try to get another home loan?

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Answer by Ruth
Recenlty my friend got home loan of 500000$ for 25 years on 1.5% which should be paid annually my friend doesnt have good credit his credit score is below 500 but still he got loan.
I asked him how you got ?
He told me while i was searching on internet for Home loan with Bad credit he found a site which contains about 8 links for bad credit so i checked all of them one by one .

go to

> Home loan

Note each link contain different interest rates and repayment period.

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  1. I am not positive, but I believe you must wait 7 years after a foreclosure to get a home loan. Do check in your area that this is correct, but even if you don’t per se owe them anything you had a foreclosure.

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  3. It will show up, and face the facts you will not be trusted with the credit to purchase a home for a long time. 2 strikes BK then foreclosure, you will have a hard time buying a car for the next 10 years