Can someone tell me the difference between HUD assistance and FHA?

Posted on Sep 12, 2012 in FHA Information

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Question by Crazyhorse: Can someone tell me the difference between HUD assistance and FHA?
I’ve heard people say that they are getting HUD assistance to help pay towards their mortgage, page but they cannot exceed a certain household income. This is not what I want, hospital I do not want to be restricted on how much money I make. I will be a first time home-buyer so I am looking for a program that will help me because my credit is not too great. Is the FHA program through HUD is what I need?


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Answer by francescmore
HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development and is generally for people who are low income. HUD generally builds homes in low income neighborhoods to help the economic development of that neighborhood.The homes are built with minimal amenities and the mortgage is low as well as the interest rate

FHA stands for Federal Housing Authority. This is a loan for the purchase of an existing home. FHA is the best way to go when purchasing 1st time, but they are very strict with the property you want to purchase. The home must be inspected and any deficiencies must be repaired before loan is approved. FHA loans will generally let you borrow more money against the value of the property, but unless you have at least 20% equity left in the home, you will probably have to pay PMI, mortgage insurance.

A conventional loan is basically a bank loan, they are more difficult to obtain, but can have great interest rates. With this type of loan you will not be able to borrow more than a certain percentage of the value, I think it is 85%.

Either way you go, it is a long process and this economy is making it very hard to get loans no matter what your credit score.

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    and fha, a subsidiary of hud;

    one is the general body of legal enforcement [hud]
    and fha is a gov insurance body of loans

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