Can you recomend a good mortgage company for FHA streamline?

Posted on Aug 15, 2012 in FHA Information

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Question by bornagainbrat: Can you recomend a good mortgage company for FHA streamline?

I did send them an email this morning asking if they did the FHA Streamline. I am certain I will qualify so I am glad to hear that I might be able to stay with my current lender. Thanks
That is why I was asking. I am hesitant to go with anyone I have not heard of. I have great credit and am not behind just trying to save a little money. Thanks again.

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Answer by Sweating
FHA Re-finance Streamline
Question: Have you tried your current lender?
They are under regulations to re-finance you if you quality.

If they turned you down and you feel you qualify, find you can contact
Call the 800 number and they can contact your current lender for you.

I saw in another question you considered a company called Academy for this.
They have many bad reviews. Looks like they pre on those with bad credit.
Goodness. Please be careful out there?
Go with a company you know or your current lender.

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  1. Your article on home loans has cleared things up for me.

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