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Question by : Can anything be done if my fha appraisal was denied?
I live in NY and recently agreed to terms on an fha home loan. The loan was approved and the inspection passed, this but the loan was then denied based on the appraisal, treat per the underwriter. How does an inspection pass, information pills but not the appraisal?The value of the home is below market value and there are a few issues that must be addressed, but nothing major, according to the inspector. Is there anything that can be done? Should I apply for a different type of mortgage? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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Answer by David Z
This is good news because it just saved you from paying too much.

it means the home appraised for less than purchase price you agreed to. Most lenders tell you that because you need to go back to seller.

You need to renogotiate price with seller down the appraisal amount. If seller will not comply you need to move onto next house.

You are out the cost of apprraisal but that is it.

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Castle Tioram
Image by chored
Castle Tioram noticed from the silver walk

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