Compare mortgages?

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Question by Rebecca C: What is a home equity loan?
Can you get a home equity loan on a mobile home and 6 acres?

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Answer by Wayne Z

What is the home and land worth and home much do you owe on it.

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Question by : Compare mortgages?
A person buys a house for $ 50000 through a mortgage bond. The interest payable on the mortgage bond is 7.5% P.A. throughout the term of the mortgage. Length of maturity of this bond is 25 years. Another person buys another house through a mortgage that attracts an interest of 9% P.A throughout the term of the mortgage. The maturity period of this mortgage is 20 years. These two people have similar jobs and earn identical salaries. Who is better off on the monthly repayments? What other considerations would you take into account in comparing the mortgage deals?

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Answer by loanmasterone
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  1. Do they each keep their house (and mortgage) for the entire term of the loan? (most people don’t) Do they decide to pay extra on any of the payments? What does PA stand for? If everything is so similar between them why did they get such different loans? How would their income tax affect their effective rate? Did one get a house they were happy with and another feel it was a lemon? (because even if I don’t make a great deal on the mortgage but get a great house that I am very happy with- I can go back and fix the mortgage.)