Condominiums At Kota Kinabalu

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Question by That’s what who said?: What would be the best loan option?
I am buying a home. I will put down an offer for $ 65, order visit this 000. I make $ 30, visit this site stuff 000 a year and have $ 19, cost 000 saved up towards the home. I have a credit score of 725. I was planning on getting a 15 yr mortgage, and putting 20% down, basically because I want as little debt as possible. Today, I was talking with someone who recommended putting down as little as possible (FHA 3% even) and taking out a 30 year mortgage. He said I could use the money I would have otherwise spent on the 15yr, 20% down mortgage to invest, thus making more money than i will pay extra in interest. While his thinking made sense, I just can’t be comfortable with that much debt. I am familiar with other forms of investing. He also reminded me most 30yr mortgages let you pay more than your principle. It just seems like a better idea to get the best interest rate possible (about 4.7% for a 15yr, as opposed to 5.1% for a 30 yr). With the 20% down I would also avoid mortgage insurance. I know i CAN afford the 15yr, 20% down payment, but should I go this route? Thank you!

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Answer by R. Guetive
Go for the 15 year loan. You actually pay less for the home cuz you’re not paying all that interest.

I wonder if lender’s are making some kind of commission on the loan and that’s why they encourage to take out large loans.

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Some cool condominium images:

Condominiums At Kota Kinabalu
Image by thienzieyung
Nowadays I went up to the 6th floor of Lintas Station to get some views from above. One fascinating view from there these days was the view of a few condominiums situated about Sunny Garden region. In the distance you can see The Peak Condo. On the appropriate is Puteri Damai Condo and on the left (under construction) is Alam Damai Condo. It would be amazing to get the views from these condominiums!

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Dearborn Park High-rise Condominiums
Image by UIC Digital Collections
Title: Dearborn Park High-rise Condominiums
Variant Title: Dearborn Park, try Constructing I

Creator: Gordon &amp Levin
Description: View of the newly constructed Dearborn Park I high-rise condominium constructing (899 South Plymouth Court), viagra buy one of two high-rise buildings in this complex. A big sign for the development’s sales office is in the foreground of the photograph.
Photograph credit: Brubaker, C. William, 1980

Date: 1980 (Dearborn Park Apartments)
Geographic coverage: Loop (Chicago, Ill.)

Collection: C. William Brubaker Collection (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Repository: University of Illinois at Chicago. Library. [Visual Resources].
Credit Line: Cite as [creator]. [title]. [file name]. [collection].
Rights: University of Illinois at Chicago College of Architecture and the Arts holds reproduction and licensing rights.
File Name: bru010_05_eF

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Five Condominiums In Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Image by thienzieyung
Condominiums are coming up quite swiftly in the city of Kota Kinabalu, and a element of them are concentrated in Likas, largely high end ones. I headed to Bersatu Road close to QEH 2 in the morning to photograph them. From the left: Bayshore Condo Phases 1 and two (Phase 3 is the seperate building) The Peak and The Peak Vista. Premium Tower is the 1 under construction although Deluxe Tower is on the extreme appropriate. Premium Tower is genuinely altering the skyline of Likas Bay and I can not wait for it to be completed!

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  1. I like this view!
    Towards the Peak Condo in Likas,it is very nice today!
    Damai Plaza is also seen!

  2. Great timing, I was just learning about this.

  3. Fantastic read on government loans. It really made me think.