Consumer confidence lifted by rates

Posted on Oct 15, 2011 in RE Finance

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Citigroup has agreed to spend $ 285 million to settle civil fraud charges that it misled customers of complicated mortgage investments just the housing marketplace was beginning to collapse.

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As some properties have struggled, sales developers with numerous joint ventures are sometimes moving funds around to hide distress.
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Some cool large home images:

New Scoreboard Building at Michigan Stadium (the Big Property) – University of Michigan’s Football Stadium (August 8, patient 2011)

Image by cseeman
Extremely cool to see the testing for the video display at the Huge Property. Funny – the display looks greater from 200 yards than my Television looks like at residence… They were playing with transitions (it seems) and displaying footage from a Notre Dame game!

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A few great castle pictures I discovered:

Castle Island.
Image by Brian M Forbes
Loch Leven Kinross with Castle Island in the centre of shot. This is taken from Dowhill Muir.

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Castle, patient Cape Town
Image by DanieVDM
View from 13th floor, patient Golden Acre Constructing.

The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest constructing in South Africa. Built amongst 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Business, better acknowledged as the VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie), this pentagonal fortification replaced a tiny clay and timber fort constructed in 1652 by Commander Jan van Riebeeck, founder of the maritime replenishment station at the Cape of Very good Hope.

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Burt castle
Image by leppre
Burt castle in the Distance

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Examine out these castle photos:

Freya Castle & Colorado River – Grand Canyon North Rim
Image by Al_HikesAZ
This is Freya Castle (7, rx 299 feet (two, for sale 225 m) at the summit) and the Colorado River from Cape Royal.

&quotA glimpse of the river from the North Financial institution is uncommon compared to views from the South Rim. The Kaibab Plateau, by way of which the canyon cuts, dips gently to the south. The North Rim is therefore higher than the South Rim by about 1,000 feet (300m), enabling it to capture more precipitation. The plateau’s southward dip guides the North Rim’s runoff toward the canyon, not away, as on the South Rim. For that reason, the northern side of the river has eroded far more, and the North Rim has receded farther from the river, making views of the Colorado from the North Rim rarer.&quot Gary Ladd &quotGrand Canyon – Views Beyond the Beauty&quot page 68

Freya was the goddess of really like, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic in Norse mythology. She wore a cloak of feathers which permitted her to change into a falcon. She had a chariot pulled by two cats, and she had a wild boar, which was in fact her human lover in disguise. When she wore her enchanted necklace (the Brisingamen), which she obtained by sleeping with the four dwarves who produced it, she was irresistible to men. The souls of half of all warriors killed in battle go to her lovely palace, Folkvang, exactly where they are joined by their wives and lovers. Source Wiki Definitions

I spent a lengthy weekend hiking, backpacking and camping on the North Rim and down the North Kaibab Trail.

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Scotland – Threave Castle
Image by vtveen
Threave Castle: a huge tower
constructed at the finish of the 1300’s standing on an island in the River Dee.

See for a lot more information about Scotland:

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Land of Castles
Image by J.Salmoral
This is the Castle of Burriac, a ruined castle placed in Cabrera de Mar, a small city close to Mataró (Barcelona). This shot is not retouched, just cropped and was taken with a Sony Alpha with a 210mm lens. I strongly recommend view in the authentic dimension!

EXIF= exp -1, f5.six@25, iso100

If you want you can see my most interesting photos in this hyperlink

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Investment Banking Perform Knowledge – six tips for writing about it on your investment banking resume

When listing your operate knowledge achievements make confident they are…


True results – despite the fact that bankers aren’t expecting million dollar achievements from a 20-a thing student, advice they do want to see sizeable outcomes so do not be afraid to stretch the truth a little here.  To help you make a decision how far (i.e. whether bankers will feel you) we’ll take a search at an extract from an investment banking resume instance.
Extremely specific – adding in information like numbers, approved dates, project names and so forth. will make your achievements look ten times a lot more believable than each and every other student who simply fills their dot points with Ben Stiller esque words like “a lot” or “for a project”.  But be confident to preserve every thing succinct per the ‘15-seconds to bin’ rule.  Getting this balance appropriate is component of the riddle of the resume and something we will help you resolve in the Within Investment Banking Program this fall (BETA version just launched).
Client or employer focused – banks are in the ‘people as resources’ / ‘enrichment of stockholders’ enterprise and want to see what return they would get on you what value you would add.  So when you’re writing about outcomes you accomplished in past jobs be sure to hammer on about how you elevated profits, turnover, morale, insight, method, ideas, or how you saved time, income, produced items less difficult, a lot more hassle-free, innovated, enhanced efficiency, brought in a lot more business, new buyers, or otherwise rocked the joint. This way you are not basically telling them just what you did, but also why it mattered…ie it enriched your former employer’s consumers or the former employer themselves.
NOT ‘you’ focused – no banker desires to hear about how you discovered lots of ‘awesome lessons man’, unless of course it really is directly related to banking.  I imply can you assume of something a lot more contrary to the earlier point than writing “I discovered so a lot, me, me, me”.  So just like any very good car salesman slinging busted up Dodges on some highway near San Diego make confident you talk about “them, them, them” (former employer / client), not you.
Laced with banker-friendly and business-y terms – littering your resume with terms like ‘the space’, ‘competitive landscape’, ‘return on investment’ and other economic dirty speak will endear you to bankers instantaneously.  You will subtly showcase insider expertise, and almost certainly above all that you are a student who actually cares about company.  But please stay away from turning into a freaking management consultant who fires much more BS lingo about than a CNBC speaking head – ie do not let your resume get as well BS-dense!
Supplemented with metrics – whether it’s $ , %, fold, units or quantity, you have to use numbers to quantify your achievement, simply because they are the language of bankers and also add further authenticity to your achievements.  To make the numbers ‘pop’ time frame them i.e. how long they took to obtain.  Numbers when employed right will also hypnotically draw bankers eyes to your resume, which is critical for gaining their attention and interest – and beating the ’15 seconds to bin’ rule.  Also numbers will help a banker understand your achievements even when they are in an unfamiliar business (eg studying about your component time engineering task!).  PS It might be really worth verifying ballpark numbers with your present or former employer in case the financial institution desires to ring your old boss as a reference.

For much more assistance on writing your investment banking resume verify out this totally free tutorial now.

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Consumer confidence is on the up thanks to expectations that interest prices will stay low for at least six months, viagra 40mg according to a survey.

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