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Question by : Are FHA mortgage loans more difficult to obtain?

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Answer by My Take on It
They are less difficult than a conventional

Depends on your circumstances

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Obama refinance program: Good incentive for borrowers and lenders

article by John Mathew

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offered an overview of the Home Affordable Refinancing Program (HARP) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We also have short power line to the new and updated FHA program, cost which is for 2012.

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Question by rebelBodhi: Young couple with pretty good income, viagra but low down payment, can I buy a home?
I’ve gotten through advanced calc and computational analysis courses, but navigating the world of finance and mortgages is still a bit daunting.. any help would be appreciated:

I make $ 75-80k and my spouse makes about 40. We’ve been renting in the MD-DC-VA suburbs for 4+ years, with perfect rental history (paying about 1300/mo), and have average credit.

We’d be first-time buyers. I know we could easily swing the monthly payments, it’s just the initial costs I’m not sure about.

Anyway, given this income (total about 110k/year before taxes), and a small (say 3-5k) down payment. What options, if any, are there for buying a 250k-300k (town)home? (we’re 25 years old if that matters)
I’m aware of FHA loans, but how/if they would help lower the inital costs is still a mystery.

fyi you did sound caustic, and the plan is to wait at least 4 months. I’m looking for some info and others’ experience.

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Answer by ?I am a MESS?
Down payments vary from state to state, in Ohio it’s 3.5% of the cost of the home.

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Examine out these mansion images:

Mansion Betliar
Image by Matus Kalisky
Manison Betliar in south-east Slovakia constructed in 15th century and subsequesntly partially rebuilt in 17th and 18th century. It has a garden with fountain and english park. It was constructed and utilised mainly as hunting mansion. It serves as museum considering that 1949. Nice place to pay a visit to.

Tachihara 4×5, website like this Fujinon 125/5.six CM-W, this site Fuji Pro160S

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Carnton Mansion
Image by www78
Significant mansion just south of Franklin owned by the McGavock loved ones. In the course of the battle for the town, recipe Common William Loring’s brigade swept past the developing under artillery fire during the assault. Afterwards the bodies of four Confederate Generals had been laid on the back porch before their transport home. Blood stains still appear on the floor of the mansion. Right after the war, the McGavock’s donated land for a Confederate cemetery. Each the mansion and the cemetery are believed to be haunted.
Franklin, Tennessee.

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mansion on a hill
Image by Stitch
We could not have a mansion on a hill
Mink coats and diamonds by the score
But the things we have no man could ever take it
Just the two of us now who could ask for more

—&quotJust as long as we have really like&quot sung by The Spinners &amp Dionne Warwick

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Question by Simply D: Home Finance?
I’m 23 years old and would like to consider financing a home in the next 2-5 years, doctor I want to know what kind of things do I need to be concerned about with my credit? How can I increase my score and what do I need to know about financing a home to get a good value and a good deal. Personal experience are greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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Answer by donfletcheryh
First, about it build a large down payment. This is an almost irresistible part of the financing game. But just because you have put together say 15% of the price of a house over 5 years tells you that your saving skills are starting to work.

Do not take out loans and pay them off to increase your score. It works against item 1, building the DP.
Rather, have a couple credit cards that you use to pay for things you buy, but religiously pay them off, completely, every month, well before due date.

Avoid buying cars or other big ticket items that ‘require financing’. If you buy any of them, do it on your credit card, but again pay off the credit card that month.

Avoid those sales that allow you to make no down payment, or no payment this year. You can always negotiate a cash reduction. They really do prefer cash, they really do prefer to make a sale rather than have you walk out.

As your savings grow, you should be investing, not just buying bank deposit notes.
If you do a good job of investing, even living in rented accommodation can be a sound economy.

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Question by jenp: Mortgage rate: 5.35%, view am I getting ripped off?
We have an excepted offer on a house, medical and have been doing all the loan paper work and are supposed to close on the house mid to end of may. But I don’t know if the interest rate we were given is a rip off? FHA fixed 5.35%. We both have pretty good credit in the 750’s each. The home we are buying is in minnesota and the mortgage company is out of California. We went with this mortgage company because the home is a forclosure and they stated in the agreement if we went with them they would pay closing cost but if we went with anyone else the closing cost wouldn’t be part of the agreement. And we really like the house and have been looking for 2 years, medications so we went with them. Is this a normal interest rate as of right now? Because I’ve seen a lot of advertisement for under 5% FHA fixed, even wells fargo had 4.85%. But I am new at this so I am not sure how it all really works.
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Answer by Jonnur47
5.35% is an average rate for today. However you left out some important details.

IE: Origination or Discount points ?

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A few good castle photos I discovered:

Image by NapaneeGal
Component of the wall and surrounding buildings of the earlier &quotcastle with drawbridge&quot photo

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[Castle, physician Tenby, cost Wales] (LOC)
Image by The Library of Congress
[Castle, price Tenby, Wales]

[between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900].

1 photomechanical print : photochrom, color.

Title from the Detroit Publishing Co., catalogue J–foreign section. Detroit, Mich. : Detroit Photographic Business, 1905.
Print no. &quot10721&quot.
Types portion of: Views of landscape and architecture in Wales in the Photochrom print collection.


Format: Photochrom prints–Color–1890-1900.

Rights Information: No recognized restrictions on reproduction.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

Element Of: Views of landscape and architecture in Wales (DLC) 2001700652

More details about the Photochrom Print Collection is accessible at

Persistent URL:

Contact Number: LOT 13408, no. 161 [item]

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Michelle Obama's heartfelt speech opens Democratic National Convention 2012
Watching his wife's speech from the White House with their daughters Malia, hospital 14, and Sasha, 11, President Barack Obama had earlier in the day paid tribute to his wife's political skills at a rally in Norfolk, Virginia. 'This is just like a relay,' he …
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China grasps for a growth alternative
Over the past couple of years, banks were forced to roll-over an estimated $ 1 trillion dollars of maturing loans taken out by local government SOEs. Don't believe the official non-performing-loan ratios of Chinese banks which are stated as less than 1 …
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Question by : Bad Credit Mortgage/FHA Loan?
Hello, medications

I’m trying to get some answers on a very simple question….. Is it possible to get a Mortgage/FHA Loan with a bad/poor Credit Score? I’ve been reading all types of forums and blogs on this and I’m not really getting anywhere. The thing is most of my past credit issues are going on 2 years of age or more. Should I pay them off or leave them be? I’ve read that if some things on your report are over 2 years old you shouldn’t pay them off because it will update it and hurt me even more. Is this true? I have no clue. The home I’m looking at right now is only $ 40, adiposity 000 and I make nearly $ 24,000 yearly gross and I have plenty for a down payment. Should I just get all my information together and apply for an FHA Loan and cross my fingers?? Pretty much what I’m asking is, are there companies/lenders that don’t really punish you for bad credit as long as you can prove that you can afford the loan??

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Answer by Rebecca
Most lenders will require you to pay off past collections and Judgments in order to qualify for the loan. Why shouldn’t you be denied credit if you have credit out there that you have not paid off?

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Question by hotguyfromrincon: Should I accept this loan modification offer my attorney negotiated for me for my current mortgage?
2 months deferred mortgage payments
4.0% rate, about it fully amortized, page fixed, sickness for 5 years
5.0% rate after the first 5 years, for the remainder of the loan
40 year term
no prepayment penalty

my current loan is FHA 6.5% 30 year fixed

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Answer by bud68
Only you know your financial and personal situation.

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Some cool mansion pictures:

Bradbury Mansion
Image by Floyd B. Bariscale
A Queen Anne mansion built for Lewis L. Bradbury by architects Samuel and Joseph Cather Newsom in 1887 for , physician 000. It stood at the southwest corner of Court House and North Hill Streets. From a 1981 reprint of J.C. Newsom’s Artistic Buildings and Houses of Los Angeles:

&quot… Lewis Leonard Bradbury, page mining enterprises. 1887, expense 00… In Picturesque and Artistic Homes and Buildings (1890), Newsom describes The Bradbury: &quotThis dwelling was erected in Los Angeles and is the finest Residence there. The Saloon Parlors are quite significant and have their respective attributes, The Bays, Spindle arch, Mantels, Decorated Ceiling, and so on. Hardwood Floors to complete residence, The Library is to the appropriate as you enter, The Bookcases are built around this room to a height of eight ft. This room is completed in wood, ‘no plaster.’ The Dining space is completed in Oak ‘Quartered antique’ and has paneled Ceilings and Side-walls, no plaster getting employed… A fine significant domed Ceiling to Billiard space with Card-room attached. The plumbing operate was very fine, almost certainly the greatest outdoors of San Francisco, getting all open perform. The Interior is polished handsomely. The Exterior is of Granite, Marble, Wood and Shingles.&quot

California State Library

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Christchurch Mansion postcard 002
Image by tomylees
Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, Suffolk. Postcard from Ipswich 16 Aug 1933.
Sent to Mr &amp Mrs Scrivener, 18, Queen St, Haverhill, Suffolk.
Valentine’s card. This is a genuine photograph.
Dear Will and Might. Just a couple of lines to say I am nevertheless alive. I’m having a very good time so far. Weather not too undesirable. I am just off to see Aunt Carrie now. From Kath.
From an album of postcards and photographs purchased from Chandelier antiques 11th May possibly 1993. There have been a significant quantity of Ipswich postcards in the album.
I have discovered a William Scrivener in the 1911 census for Haverhill Rd, Little Wratting.
He was aged 33, married 3 months and born in Ipswich.
Also was Sarah Scrivener, aged 30, married 7 years, (the daughter of Thomas Turner who was 57 years)
Also have been William, aged 6 and John aged three Scrivener (grandsons of Thomas Turner)
They had been all in the household of Thomas Turner and his family.
August 1933, Ipswich, Suffolk.

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Executive Mansion
Image by aka Kath
Executive Mansion ** (added 1976 – Creating – #76000728)
4th and Jackson Sts., Springfield
Historic Significance: Event
Location of Significance: Politics/Government
Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1875-1899, 1900-1924, 1925-1949, 1950-1974
Owner: State
Historic Function: Domestic, Government
Historic Sub-function: Single Dwelling
Existing Function: Domestic, Government
Existing Sub-function: Single Dwelling

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by TheTruthAbout

Question by PrimeConcern: How much mortgage debt is there in the USA?
Given all the worries about credit in this country, abortion and subprime mortgages, approved I was curious as to what the entire amount of home mortgage debt is. There are about 110 million households in the country, with 70% of them owned residences. Let’s say there are 75 million owned homes. Not all have mortgages, but if 70 million do, and the average mortgage amount on such homes is $ 200,000, that comes out to a scary $ 14 TRILLION of mortgage debt in the USA. If just 2% default, the amount of bad home loans is $ 280 billion. It could obviously be much higher.

Does anyone know what total mortgage debt is per household and in total? This is a real problem that could damage the economy.

Best answer:

Answer by Pete W
You bring up an important question. The best data I can find on the ‘net are figures for 2003 (USA Today) – nothing newer available according to them. If that number is correct then the total mortgage debt in the US, 2003, $ 6.3 trillion. Some adjustments must be made for the past four years- higher, I’m sure.

Lots of bucks out there!!

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Consumers Can Now Get A lot more Info on Mortgage Prepayments
&quotConsumers can now get enhanced information about mortgage prepayments and have tools at their disposal to support them calculate approximate charges. This will assist borrowers when they are generating choices about prepaying their mortgage, tadalafil &quot says Ursula …
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Mortgage Rates: Low Mortgage Rates Stable as Productivity Shows Growth
Right now&#39s 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates are at three.375% and 15 year fixed mortgage rates are at two.750%. five/1 ARM loan rates are at 2.125%. Low mortgage rates, pharmacy such as these, illness are obtainable with .7 to 1% origination point for borrowers who have …
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commercial loans- Interrelated Tip About Commercial Loan Broker

Article by sudarsan chhetri

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CEM Commercial, web a division of, interviews one of their many capital sources which will do Stated Income Stated Asset Financing on commercial properties.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Question by : Question about USDA loan?
“Eligibility: Applicants for direct loans from HCFP must have very low or low incomes. Very low income is defined as below 50 percent of the area median income (AMI); low income is between 50 and 80 percent of AMI; moderate income is 80 to 100 percent of AMI. Click here to review area income limits for this program. Families must be without adequate housing, approved but be able to afford the mortgage payments, including taxes and insurance, which are typically 24 percent of an applicant’s income. However, payment subsidy is available to applicants to enhance repayment ability. Applicants must be unable to obtain credit elsewhere, yet have reasonable credit histories.”

I am unsure about some of the criteria. I would meet the qualifications as far as being under the median area income and I have excellent credit. I also live in a somewhat rural area, so finding a home that qualifies based on that would not be difficult.

“Families must be without adequate housing”. Do you have to be homeless? What if I live in an apartment right now. What do they consider without adequate housing?

“Applicants must be unable to obtain credit elsewhere.” Do you have to actually apply for a mortgage and get denied? And prove you have been denied? I have talked to a lender within the past few months and did a preliminary “pre-qualification” for an FHA loan.

I also have about $ 20k in savings. Is that a problem with USDA loan?

I make O.K. money. I would be able to support the mortgage payments. I am a single mom, and for my area and family size it is below median income. The AMI in this area is about $ 106,100. The USDA loan was something I was just thinking about/looking into because with the 100% financing it would allow me to get a home sooner rather than later (I still need to save a bit more – about $ 10K – if I were to go the FHA route to feel like a have enough for down payment, closing costs, and still have a safety net for emergencies or repairs.)

Best answer:

Answer by linkus86
To be without adequate housing doesn’t mean you need to be homeless, but merely that you do not own another house somewhere else.

To not be able to obtain credit elsewhere, mean that you don’t already have a home loan.

Your savings could actually be a problem if seeking 100% financing. I am not exactly sure of the loan rules on this but often loan programs like this think it is OK to have a nest egg, just not one that is liquid (cash). Thus tying this money up in an investment of some sort may be to your advantage. I think the rule is to not have more than twice your mortgage payment liquid at the time of closing (you can break it loose afterwards).

Of course you will have closing costs to deal with so you will need some of it even with 100% financing.

USDA is a great program, but you also may want to look up another program that goes hand in hand with FHA if your income is below median. This program is available in almost every state and offers money for down payment and closing costs. Check your state housing department website under home buyers. Sometimes this program is hard to find, so if you need help email me with your state. Also loan officers rarely mention it because it limits how much money they can make and requires more paper work.

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Examine out these castle images:

Image by arkiss
kapetanovo castle close to stari lec, here vojvodina

A cultural monument of fantastic value is located on the road Zrenjanin – Vrsac near Stari Lec. It was constructed as 1 floor creating by bishop Botka Bela in 1904. within a significant park which is completly destroyed.

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Castle in Dordogne / France
Image by Bas van Gaalen
A random castle in the Dordogne / France.

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Image by elston
I bear in mind the 1st time I encountered the game Dungeons &amp Dragons. It was on a bus trip to Washington, rx DC with the boys’ choir I was a member of. Some of the older youngsters had brought it along, and the way they spoke about it, made it seem actual. Soon immediately after I got back, I bought my own copy of the game – the simple version, it came in a box, with a manual and sample campaign.

Later I bought some of the hardcover books, some other campaigns, and so on. I had a small collection of the small figurines – there was a guy in State School who was an expert painting them, just definitely the finest detail. A actual artisan. I attempted it myself, but I just didn’t have the patience.

I really didn’t have patience for the game either, or perhaps it was that I didn’t have buddies who had the patience – it genuinely takes a number of like-minded individuals to make something like that come alive since it’s actually just about imagination. It’s ironic that a game like that came along just as pc games have been starting to spring up.

Anyhow, the castle right here is a thing I produced. It was an insert in Dragon Magazine, you had to cut out all the pieces, and glue them with each other. It has traveled everywhere I’ve lived, but sadly, I’ve never provided it a proper home. It spent many a year tucked away in an attic or basement. It is got a layer of dust that adds a thing to the character of it.

Or should I say, charisma

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