Cool Castle pictures

Posted on Aug 18, 2012 in Real Estate Info

A couple of nice castle images I identified:

Castle Johannisburg
Image by PurpleGecko
Castle Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg (Germany)

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Image by Capt’ Gorgeous
Cardiff Castle

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Image by lewishamdreamer
Edinburgh Castle.

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  1. Magnificent!
    Su Edifici Iconic (Tutto il Mondo)

  2. Oi! Sou administrador de um grupo chamado Elite Castle Picture, e nós adoraríamos ter a sua foto adicionada ao grupo.

  3. Lovely colours in this shot. :~}

  4. very nice – the BW is perfect for it – a real sense of antiquity & history.

  5. beautiful photo

  6. very impressive!!

  7. Good use of BW to show that it’s old..

  8. I’m really pleased you guys like this. The Castle, like Tower Bridge and the Swiss Re Tower in London, is so overdone it becomes questionable whether there is any new take to be had with it. I love a challenge like that 🙂

  9. I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon. I enjoy reading your commentaries.

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