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Posted on Oct 11, 2012 in Real Estate News

Some cool apartment developing pictures:

1930’s Apartment Building

Image by sortofbreakit
People live in these buildings like anyplace else. They looked it us kinda funny for taking pictures.

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Check out these mansion images:

Mansion Hotel
Image by feldpress
Mansion Hotel Grand Opening May 12, treatment 2007
Dr. Dean Yin, page CEO, Boutique Hotel Invesotrs International

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Mansion Hotel
Image by feldpress
Mansion Hotel Grand Opening May 12, 2007
Isabelle of Shanghaitang, Ye lai Xiang (Song)

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A few nice condominium images I found:

Doty School Condominiums
Image by Madison Guy
Not all Madison condos dominate the city skyline at night like dark, store high-rise intruders from another planet. Some, like the Doty School Condominiums, nestle quietly into their neighborhoods, where they’ve been at home for years, architectural landmarks whose lights provide a neighborly glow, like the windows of people you’ve always known who live down the street … Part of the Condos after Dark Series. More at my blog.

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Wildwood Condominiums in Katonah
Image by sonjalovas
Wildwood Condominiums, Katonah, NY

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