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government home refinance programs
by marsmet526

Question by Dolan A: Is there a government refinance assistance program available?
I have decent income and credit, visit web capsule but not a good home mortgage. I want to refinance but my loan is above the market’s value, viagra approved and my loan is not with Fannie Mae nor Freddie Mac.

Is there any government program that will get me a loan without mortgage insurance?
I checked out, and the site says, I “don’t quality” for any of the available options. Any other suggestions?

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Answer by BNICKS

check out the website … either option on the site refi or modification would help … i wouldn’t worry to much about having mortgage insurance …

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FHA eases burdensome condo financing rules
The certification process is intended to provide the FHA, buy information pills a government-run mortgage insurance agency, with key information about a development's legal, physical and financial status. Without approval of an entire development — regardless of whether it …
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FHA Relaxes Condo Rules
13 and took effect immediately, should make it easier for large numbers of condo associations to seek certification by FHA. The certification process is intended to provide FHA, a government-run mortgage insurance agency, with key information about a …
For more informaiton please visit here…

Question by Dave T: Will the new HARP guidelines allow me to refinance?
I am current with my payments on my FHA mortgage, and however it’s a rental property. I rent an apartment as my “primary residence”. Under the current guidelines, price I’m not able to refinance since HARP excludes FHA loans that are rental properties and not “primary residences”.

With his recent State of the Union address, the President announced upcoming expansions to HARP. Has anyone heard of the details of this expansion? Will it allow someone in my situation – an FHA loan used as a rental property, to refinance?

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Answer by Lisa L
I hope not. These programs are intended to be used for people needing help on their primary residences not to up the income for landlords.

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Some cool condominium images:

3 Luxury Condominiums In Malaysia
Image by thienzieyung
Of course, ailment from Bukit Padang, case these 3 luxury condominiums can be observed with ease. The middle one, capsule called the Peak Vista Awana (or Premium Tower), is genuinely tall and will leading out soon. It overtakes the Deluxe Tower next to it and it appears that cladding performs have begun for that 28-storey luxury condominium tower. The Peak Suites is noticed at the bottom the ridge, along with the roof of the swimming pool at the sports complex. The horizon is partially visible from right here.

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Jesselton Condominium At Sunset
Image by thienzieyung
The sky was ablaze in the evening nowadays and at the same time I had my dinner at Sabah Golf &amp Country Club. So although waiting for my food, I headed to the initial floor of the clubhouse to photograph some evening shots. I zoomed into Jesselton Condominium by Bina Puri and this turned out. Not more than 50% of the units there had their lights on at that moment. Likas Square is partially visible above the tree tops at bottom left.

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