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Posted on Sep 10, 2012 in Real Estate News

by State Library of New South Wales collection

How to Set up an SMSF

Article by Kathy Richards

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15 year fha mortgage rates
by marsmet526

Question by : Can i get a 5 year mortgage plan?
Right now i have a 15 year plan (Wellsfargo) and now only have 6 years to go. I want to lower it to 5 years if i can. My interest rate is 6.5%. I saw online that i can on the Wellsfargo website or that it is offered but it says 5-year ARM & another with 5-year ARM FHA. What does that mean?

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Answer by Bert
why bother with re-financing? Simply look up an amortization chart and increase your payments to cause the loan to fully amortize in five years instead of six. Trust me, cheapest it’ll cost you to re-finance.

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fha mortgage help
by SS&SS

Question by Iamme1979: Can I use this as some of our downpayment with an FHA mortgage loan?
My husband and I were both going to cash out a week’s vacation at our jobs. Almost $ 1500. This is to help us come up with cash for our down payment for our FHA mortgage. Is this allowable. I know they have to TRACK our income so they know where it’s coming from. Is that okay, about it or should we cash the money, and use it for some of our groceries and other expenditures so that it cannot be tracked.

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Answer by nomo
They do not “track” your income, they verify it. As long as you can show your income is sufficient to make the payments plus normal living expenses and you have enough for the down payment, it does not matter if it is vacation money.

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Verify out these mansion photos:

Victorian Mansion – Idlewild
Image by blmiers2
Victorian Mansion – Idlewild, Watkins Glen, story NY

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  1. Fine shot, Barbara, beautifully taken!

  2. Beautiful home. Great dappled light and threatening sky.

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  7. Magnificent composition of this beautiful Victorian…

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  9. UAU, nice house!

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  11. Majestic !!

  12. Beautiful house and excellently captured!

  13. What a fine looking Queen Anne–and a great 3rd floor balustrade! Thanks for the visit to my photostream.

  14. Beautiful building, very well composed, great shot!

  15. My type of architecture. Gorgeous house.

  16. put me on that porch

  17. What a great picture!

  18. All the words in the world is not enough to describe such beauty !!!!!!! greetings from Italy

  19. Nice capture of this fine house!!

  20. Beautiful House

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