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Posted on Oct 19, 2012 in Real Estate News

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Old Mansion
Image by Kay Gaensler
Old Mansion in Charleston, capsule this South Carolina. View large on black

I need your assist: In two weeks I´m going on a road trip through eight distinct States in the south of the US. Right here are the particulars on the trip For the journey I´m looking for excellent music to listen to when I´m on the road. I´m interested in your ideas! What song should I bring with me? Right here is my current list so far:

Tom Petty – American Girl
Dave Matthews Band
Averett Brothers
Sheryl Crow – Daily is a Winding Road
Steve Earl – Copperhead Road
Gomez – Airstream Driver
Lynyrd Skinner – Sweet Residence Alabama
Pearl Jam – Just Breath
Norah Jones – Chasing Pirates
Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey

It would be fantastic to get some of your ideas!!!! Thank you so a lot!

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  1. Nice shot Kay, processing is very cool

  2. nice one Kay, love the texture on the house – the road trip looks great! be sure and give yourself plenty of time in New Orleans, it is a feast (literally and figuratively) – get some Bruce Springsteen, like Thunder Road and Born to Run, you will enjoy those! look forward to the pics!

  3. Tolle Aufnahme – Charleston ist sowieso wunderschön…

    Musik bin ich auch noch am überlegen 😉 Ich schick dir die Tage mal per E-Mail meine Liste unter dem Titel "Car Classics" meine Lieblingslieder zum cruisen 🙂

  4. nice the details

  5. Great my friend!! fantastic old mansion!!

  6. didn’t see Lady Antebellum here — I luv their first album, and would be a good idea especially if you’re passing W.Va:) i think their second album’s out already and hv some great songs!

    btw, great shot there! good luck on your road trip – drive safely:)

    This wonderful shot was seen in the group,
    Post-Processing Anonymous ( P.P.A )

  7. Great processing. Cool looking building

  8. excellent clarity, super sharp. nice work. you’re welcome to check out my mixes for road trip tunes if you want –

  9. Wow, lovely HDR work and processing! Love it!

  10. beautiful vibrant colors, excellent detail

    As for the music I would suggest Crawl by Kings of Leon, or just get the entire album. Hope you have a good trip and if you end up close to VA drop me a message, I’m also hoping to get down to ATL sometime soon

  11. great shot and pp

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  12. That is excellent shot. Love this shot!

  13. Slightly overdone HDR, but what a magnificent building!