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Some cool chateau photos:

Château de Quéribus
Image by Surimage
Le château de Quéribus est un château cathare situé sur la commune de Cucugnan dans le département de l’Aude.France

Photo Jean-Paul Gaillard retouche Luc Jardon.

(Vendredi 12 octobre 2007 (Belga) Le département des archives secrètes du Vatican s’apprête à publier un livre sur le procès des Templiers au début du XIVe siècle, dosage en collaboration avec la société Scrinium, viagra buy affirme le site web de cette société liée au Vatican.)

Il resterais encore des archives au vatican sur les Cathare ? Beaucoup pensaient que Napoléon avait fait saisir les archives et fait rapatrié en France..
J’ ouie dire aussi qu’i soit feasible d’un pardon posthume de la part du Pape. Un peu étonnant compte tenus des positions théologiques de ce Berger Allemant.

Le 25 Octobre l’Archive Secret du Vatican et la Scrinium présentent en avant-première mondiale “Processus contra templarios”.

Château de Quéribus

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Château Magnin – Brazey en plaine (21)
Image by iWebgirl
Château Magnin – Brazey en paline (21)

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Château d’Edimbourg vu du nord-ouest
Image by ecololo
Château d’Edimbourg vu du nord-ouest

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The Best FHA Streamlined Refinance

FHA Streamlined Refinance

FHA Streamline Refinance

About The FHA Streamlined Refinance Option

Take advantage of the FHA Streamline Refinance and turn the equity you have built up in your home into cash to aid in bills, online college, a new roof, etc. Remember that FHA mortgage refinancing is accessible to everyone who is presently utilizing their property for their primary residence.


The FHA Streamline Refinance choice is regarded a “streamlined” since it enables you to decrease your rate of interest on your present mortgage loan swiftly, and often with no appraisal. Additionally, the FHA Streamlined Refinance decreases the mass of documents that are typically need by your current mortgage lender…helping you save time as well as money.

To be eligible for a FHA Streamline Refinance your initial home loan has to be an FHA mortgage, up to date. The FHA Streamlined Refinance must decrease your regular monthly interest rate as well. This kind of FHA Streamlined Refinance alternative decreases your current month-to-month bills through reducing your loan obligation however, there is no money back. The FHA Streamline Refinance can be useful for those who are in excellent economic position, without any considerable personal debt, since it gives you some extra cash every month through lower loan payments.

In case you have a conventional FHA Mortgage you intend to re-finance with the FHA Streamline Refinance, you will need to apply using the typical job confirmation, credit assessment, debte ratio specifications along with other factors. An FHA Streamlined Refinance will probably improve rates and reduced payments once completed.  Bacic FHA Streamlined Refinance guidlines are as follow:

    • You must be current on your original loan with all payments made in a timely manner for 12 months to qualify for a FHA Streamlined Refinance.
    • Own the original residence for the last 6 months before you can qualify for a FHA Streamlined Refinance .
    • To acquire a FHA Streamlined Refinance you wil need a lender who is FHA approved.
    • FHA Streamlined Refinance usually do not need an appraisal, however a no-appraisal mortgage should not exceed the current mortgage amount.
    • No closing costs must be arranged upfront for a FHA Streamlined Refinance.
    • You can shoose to incorporate the closing costs into your loan a “with appraisal” FHA Streamlined Refinance.
    • You must have enough equity in the home to cover the extra amount for a FHA Streamlined Refinance.

The FHA Streamline refinance program was created by the FHA to be able to get borrowers a lower interest rate on their FHA mortgage with no substantial qualification procedure. In other words, the normal re-finance procedure is actually streamlined and made easier (hence FHA Streamlined Refinance)! The  FHA Streamline refinance can also be referred to as FHA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL).  However we like to call it FHA Streamline Refinance.

The favourite FHA Streamline Refinance program factors tend to be that consumers can easily reduce his or her home loan payments without the need of going through the problems and document requirements of a standard re-finance.  A lot of consumers take pleasure in having the ability to acquire FHA Streamlined Refinance with reduced marketplace rates of interest devoid of the hassles.

Program many not be available in all states (case by case). Programs and guidelines subject to change without notice.

Find program guidelines for your your city or state:

Affiliations: NAMB | NBA | NAMP | GM

To learn more about the FHA Streamline Refinance program contact us.

A number of nice castle pictures I located:

Castle Hohenschwangau
Image by DragonWoman
Castle Hohenschwangau, visit Germany

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Castle siege
Image by Matija Grguric
Castle siege entry for Classic Castle Colossal Contest VI in 2008.

Contest entry consists of 3 photographs. As an alternative of taking three photos of the same MOC, nurse I made the decision to make a tiny story out of it in 3 scenes. It is nonetheless the same MOC, sale but every time a bit modified.

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Castle siege
Image by Matija Grguric
Castle siege entry for Classic Castle Colossal Contest VI in 2008.

Contest entry consists of three photographs. Instead of taking three photographs of the very same MOC, I decided to make a small story out of it in three scenes. It is nonetheless the very same MOC, but every time a bit modified.

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A few nice apartment creating photos I identified:

13c 2101 Bonsallo Ave – Brick Craftsman Apartment Creating (E)

Image by Kansas Sebastian
University Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone

Craftsman Apartment Developing, this c. 1910
2101 Bonsallo Ave
Park Villa Tract, Lot 65

A couple of many years ago friends of mine bought this brick Craftsman apartment developing as an investment. The creating was run down, dirty, and in extreme require of restoration. With challenging function, numerous hours scraping paint and refinishing wood, and considerably money, they’ve transformed it from an eyesore to a handsome apartment developing. The up coming mission really should be to have this structure additional as a Cultural-Historic Monument.

The interior of every single unit is as masculine and well intended as the exterior, and obviously created for an upper middle-class clientele. The 1923 Southwest Blue Book lists Mr. Charles H. &amp Mrs. Gertrude Johnson Dick as the residents of Flat &quotD,&quot Tel. 22699. The 1922-24 LA County Voter’s Registration records Miss Caroline E Hendrie at this area. She voted Republican.

Despite the fact that I could not find a lot about the creating itself, I did find an April 18, 1909, notice that Mrs. Clara Lockwood moved her residence from 2101 Bonsallo to 717 W Fifty-Fourth St. It seems that like a snail she packed up and moved her entire residence to another place, then offered the lot for growth. The architect is unknown, but was certainly skilled. It is in maintaining with the size and style of the George Wyman Powers apartment buildings on Scarff, just a block away.

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13b 2101 Bonsallo Ave – Brick Craftsman Apartment Developing (E)

Image by Kansas Sebastian
University Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone

Craftsman Apartment Creating, c. 1910
2101 Bonsallo Ave
Park Villa Tract, Lot 65

A couple of many years ago pals of mine bought this brick Craftsman apartment building as an investment. The developing was run down, dirty, and in serious require of restoration. With challenging operate, a lot of hours scraping paint and refinishing wood, and much money, they’ve transformed it from an eyesore to a handsome apartment developing. The following mission must be to have this structure additional as a Cultural-Historic Monument.

The interior of each unit is as masculine and properly designed as the exterior, and naturally designed for an upper middle-class clientele. The 1923 Southwest Blue Book lists Mr. Charles H. &amp Mrs. Gertrude Johnson Dick as the residents of Flat &quotD,&quot Tel. 22699. The 1922-24 LA County Voter’s Registration records Miss Caroline E Hendrie at this area. She voted Republican.

Despite the fact that I could not discover much about the creating itself, I did come across an April 18, 1909, discover that Mrs. Clara Lockwood moved her residence from 2101 Bonsallo to 717 W Fifty-Fourth St. It appears that like a snail she packed up and moved her entire house to one more location, then sold the lot for advancement. The architect is unknown, but was obviously skilled. It is in retaining with the size and style of the George Wyman Powers apartment buildings on Scarff, just a block away.

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by Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane

Common Building Schools

Article by Crystal Ware

Many industries have taken main hits in the course of the latest recession that has occurred in the United States. The true estate industry has been one particular of the fields that has experienced a huge quantity of task loss and has been plagued with foreclosures. Nonetheless, and the U.S. government has worked with financial institutions to set low interest prices on real estate financing as nicely as grant tax credits to homebuyers who obtain residences by the year’s end. This has sparked yet another wave of building in a lot of places. This has several individuals interested in entering the building area, link and to obtain the skills needed as a new entry or to advance a profession as an knowledgeable tradesman, a individual ought to attend development colleges to understand new tactics and technologies of the trade. Under are brief descriptions of a number of great applications.


Turnkey Construction Management Institute was founded by Robert Turney in 1994 as a school that focused on the retraining of injured construction workers. Because then numerous private students have completed courses of construction, and many of them had small or no construction background at all.

Turnkey delivers on-campus and distant teaching for seasoned folks as effectively as these with no development expertise. The school prepares students for a position as a development superintendent, project manager, or estimator. Turnkey delivers lifetime task placement help and resume preparation as nicely as industry consulting for graduates.


CollegeAmerica was established in 1964 to train graduates for new careers in substantial demand jobs. The college offers quick-track degrees and versatile education by way of its FastFlex programs. College students can full an accelerated Occupational Associate’s degree in 20 months, a Bachelor’s Degree in 36 months, and a Master’s Degree by means of the affiliated Stevens-Henager College Salt Lake/Murray in as number of as 15 months.

CollegeAmerica’s Building Management system prepares students to enter the workforce as estimators and project managers and allows more experienced students to step directly into building manager roles. Grants and student loans are also created accessible for students who need help financing their education.


Redstone School was initially founded in 1965 to offer you Airframe and Powerplant training. The Building Management program was added in 2006 and prepared college students for actual planet jobs this kind of as building devices technicians, project and development managers.

The Construction Management program provides a standard foundation in construction concepts basic to residential and commercial structures, this kind of as developing supplies and development methods. Administrative skills such as project administration, tracking construction schedules, monitoring development site activities, and building quantity surveys are also emphasized.

About the Author

Crystal is an Account Manager with Location3 Media.

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Do You Need A Real Estate Appraiser When Buying A Home Or Condo?

Article by Real Estate Advisor

If you are considering purchasing or selling a home, viagra 60mg condo or any other type of real estate, you will most likely need the services of a real estate appraiser. An appraiser performs an assessment of properties and other types of real estate to help establish its value. While there are several methods appraisers use to establish the value of real estate (e.g. cost method, income method, and comparison method), for residential properties, the comparison method (also known as market value) is the most common approach. The appraiser’s job is to provide an opinion about the value of a property based on its “highest and best use.” If you are financing the purchase of a property, your lender will normally require an appraisal to make sure that the property is really worth the amount loaned.

The real estate appraiser is tasked with carrying out a completely objective assessment of a property and will normally provide a written evaluation report. This is accomplished by a physical inspection of the property, as well as a comparison to other similar properties for which the value is already established. To make a determination about value, the appraiser gathers details such as the size of a property, size of the lot, location, condition, best use of the property, amenities, etc.

After this initial inspection, the appraiser may scout the neighborhood to compare the property with other similar properties in the neighborhood by age, size, price range, etc. The appraiser then gathers additional data from several sources such as the local Multiple Listing Services (MLS), which provides information on current and recent comparable sales. The appraiser also gathers information from his/her own past experience in the local market. All of these sources of information are taken into consideration while writing the appraisal report, which will provide an estimate about the value of a property.

There are many reasons to use the services of a qualified appraiser. When purchasing real estate, an appraisal provides you with a negotiating tool and helps ensure that the price you are paying is appropriate. If you are selling your property, the appraisal will help you determine an appropriate price range. Besides real estate and mortgage transactions, you may need to order an appraisal to lower the tax burden (assuming the value is really lower than the value established by taxing authorities), to establish the replacement cost of insurance, to settle an estate, etc. An appraiser only gives an estimate of the value of the property. A real estate appraiser is not to be confused with a home inspector.

If you are considering buying or selling a home, condo or any other type of real estate, you can use the services of a qualified real estate appraiser who will provide an estimate of the fair market value of your property.

About the Author

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Wiz Khalifa – Real Estate, Wiz Khalifa – Real Estate, Wiz Khalifa – Real Estate

real estate
by PrimeImageMedia.com

U.S. Real Estate Forecast From A Supply & Demand Perspective

Article by Real Estate Advisor

On any given day, sales people can easily find articles and news stories describing an impending bust of the so-called real estate bubble. Despite this gloomy prediction, this many experts believe that the recent slowdown in housing will be a gradual and modest readjustment rather than sharp bust or decline. These experts believe that factors that lead to a sharp decline in the real estate market are just not present in the current economic outlook. In fact, a recent study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University noted that “despite the current cool-down, the long-term outlook for housing is bright.”

The rise and fall of the real estate market is subject to the forces of supply and demand, and these factors point to stable and positive growth in the real estate segment.


Limited supply of real estate makes it scarce and usually pushes home prices up. In contrast, an oversupply of real estate tends to put downward pressure on home prices. Despite the current slow down in the real estate market, factors that impact limited supply favor continued growth in the real estate market. Some of these factors include:

1. Builders have readjusted growth plans in regions that have an oversupply of new housing. Over time, any excess inventory is likely to be depleted and equilibrium achieved between supply and demand.

2. The availability of land in certain regions, as well land use regulations and associated compliance costs will continue to restrict the supply of new homes.


Housing located in regions with high demand tend to be more expensive than homes in regions with low demand. Factors that impact the demand for housing suggests a favorable long-term housing outlook. Some of these factors include:

1. No current evidence of significant and across-the-board job losses; forecasts of relatively low unemployment rates.

2. Long-term increased demand for second homes, vacation homes and senior housing by baby boomers.

3. Long-term increased demand for entry-level homes by the children of baby boomers.

4. Long-term increased demand for entry-level homes by immigrants.

5. Long-term increased demand for entry-level homes by second-generation Americans.

6. Forecasts that the outflows and inflows of the U.S. population in and out different regions will not significantly impact the overall U.S. real estate housing market.

7. Relative stability in interest rates.

8. Continued stability in long-term home appreciation rates.

9. Overall, rising rate of wealth across all age groups.


In summary, strong household growth, overall rising incomes and wealth, and a stable economy all bode well for continued long-term growth in the real estate market. While the overall housing outlook is favorable, affordability will continue to be a challenge, as wages, especially in the lower income levels, have not kept up with housing costs.

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by KYgal

A $ 1 billion program to assist the jobless will likely end up spending only half the funds, click at most, because so few people met the strict criteria.

Mortgage News

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by Butte-Silver Bow Public Library

Profit From Investing In Real Estate

Article by Paul Morad Real Estate Valencia

If you are wanting to make investments your money, sildenafil look at putting it in real estate. The worth of real estate can only rise about time so it really is virtually a fall short-evidence expense. What’s additional, you can depend on real estate to be a key supply of cash flow.In terms of positive aspects, 1 advantage of obtaining real estate is that it assists diversify your expense portfolio. These days, you can not just rely on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. An great financial planner also invests in real estate as portion of his fixed-earnings investments.Investing in real property nevertheless does not stop with the purchase of the house alone. In truth, real estate investing also involves the ownership and management of the house, no matter if you decide to lease it out or resell it at a profit. As with any variety of investment, investing in real estate will involve a bit of company acumen on your component. To start with, you cannot just obtain any property that suits your fancy. You have to be in a position to zero in on a home that has probable to come to be worthwhile in the up coming few many years.To do this, you have to lookup, request, and negotiate. It is only after you have practiced these three steps that you can work on closing the deal.In advance of you even start off your search, you need to presently have a crystal clear objective for the property. Determine in advance what you would like to do with the residence. Do you want to rent it out? Are you considering to re-promote it in a handful of years? There are the factors that you have to believe about as they can affect your decision of place and the volume you may be willing to fork out for the residenceTo steer clear of added bills in the acquisition of the house, it really is greatest to glimpse for properties that are becoming offered for sale by the owner himself. Apart from executing away with the agent’s commission, you will have a much better opportunity of bringing down the price tag of the house in the course of your negotiations with the operator.To get the very best site, schedule a property viewing with the proprietor. The moment you get there, observe the property’s environment and make a checklist. Make certain that there are vital establishments these kinds of as hospitals, educational institutions, and recreation centers close by. Verify the availability of public transportation. Inquire about the population of the spot and whether or not there are fast options for advancement. These are elements that additional add value to the property.Remember that investing in real estate home might charge cash but with tough perform and a small bit of luck, you may well be in a position to recover you expense just before you even know it. Right after that, every thing is just revenue.

About the Author

Realtor Valencia that is professional, trustworthy, price-sensible and fast. Paul Morad Real Estate offers Valencia and Southern California the highest top quality realtor firm obtainable.

real estate
by John Hall & Associates

Why Costa Rica Real Estate is so popular?

Article by Costa Rica real estate, check Jaco Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a place where people can spend their free time with the family and friends and eventually retire. It is a place where people are friendly, patient where friends are easy to find, where the foods are organic and where we let our kids and grandkids play without worrying that something bad will happen to them.

There are many reasons why people love this place but recently it has gotten popular because people are tired of big resorts and all inclusive vacations that don’t feel natural. People are looking for something more than just hanging out at the beach in Maui or Cancun. People are looking to this place as an affordable tropical paradise where they can have their own palm tree and a small cabana near secluded a beach. With a little more than 25% of its lands under some category of protection, it’s easy to understand why eco-tourism is so popular in this city.

There are more than 161 national parks, biological reserves, wildlife refuges, wetlands, protected zones and other parks and reserves in this city. The newest national park is Quetzal National Park, located in the high mountains of the southern Pacific region between Cartago and San Isidro.

While coming to the real estate Costa -Rica is having really cheap real estate, one of the reasons that this city’s real estate is so popular is that it cost up to seventy percent less than properties of the same type elsewhere like in the United States. The cost of living is better in this place improving people’s standard of living. And one of the reasons why the peoples are getting more interested in having a property at Costa-Rica is the infrastructure and the amenities are very good and are a part of a big foreign community close to the United States.

it is a country that is considered to be safe for all who live there. Plenty of outside investment has been coming into this place real estate to this place from outside the country. The U.S. has led the way, of course, but there are lots of investors from Canada and Western Europe. this place is expected to boom again due to the continuing tourist influx into the country, the high returns that real estate investment yields here, and the increasing scarcity of land in some places.

Demand for real estate will continue to grow in the city with very good potential and low risk. There may be other countries in this region that may take off however the risk could be a lot higher. You can always have a safe choice in the city real estate that promises good potential. This is why there are so many investors that are interested in Costa Rica real estate. For years to come property prices will grow more all the time.

About the Author

Jaco Costa Rica is a simply beautiful place to visit and that is why Costa Rica have been the most popular for buyers or investors of Costa Rica real estate.

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Only 12 percent of Chicago Real Estate Companies are looking to hire

In a survey of real estate CFOs and senior comptrollers conducted by the Chicago-based financial advisory firm Grant Thornton LLP, more about only 12 percent said their company will increase hiring in the next six months and nearly two-thirds, search 63 percent, prescription plan to reduce bonuses.

Real Estate companies are also reducing health care benefits, 401k benefits, and stock options. Real estate firms are trimming the fat, even while the real estate market continues to show signs of improvement. Real Estate companies, according to the survey conducted by Grat Thornton LLP are most concerned about the cost of employee benefits.

While the Chicago Real Estate market is improving, these numbers illustrate an extreme contradiction in the real estate industry. While real estate companies remain optimistic about the future of their industry, cost cutting measures reflect a distinct pessimism in their own industry.

Is the real estate industry in a true recovery mode, or is a second micro-bubble emerging. As of right now, it is not clear, but there definitely a discrepancy between internal practices of real estate firms and gauges of the real estate market. Speculation surrounding real estate is always apparent. But is it beneficial when the speculation directly opposes the actions of Real Estate firms and brokerages?

So what can we learn from this contradiction? Is the market over-valued?  Is a secondary bubble forming after we slowly emerge out of the recession? Whatever the case, it is clear that the real estate market may still be over-valued, as firms still continue to cut costs, while the real estate market continues to improve.

Daniel Prager is an social media marketing consultant at The Ocean Agency where he also dabbles in SEO and content creation. He works with some of the top Chicago Real Estate Firms

Article from articlesbase.com

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house, <a href=page building, doctor home” src=”http://farm1.static.flickr.com/38/82107697_7c156092f2_m.jpg” width=”150″/>
by JoshuaDavisPhotography

Ultra-high-end homes are on the market for tens of millions in Door County, viagra 60mg Wis., and other unexpected spots. What are they doing there?
Forbes.com: Real Estate News

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