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Question by Sophia Michele’s Mommy: FHA Mortgage Letter explaining less than perfect credit from the past, here is this sufficient and good enough?
Re: FHA Mortgage Application

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter provides explanations for each item listed in my credit report obtained in connection with my mortgage application.
1. Capital One Credit Card 2009-2010
When my payment was due in October 2009 my fiancé and I had just found out we were pregnant with our first daughter. We were worried about a lot of things, buy information pills paying up on other bills, and honestly we were young therefore not realizing how important credit was. The balance was paid in full the beginning of 2010 and I have not been delinquent on any credit card accounts since this incident.
2. Community National Bank Auto Loan 2007-2008
I was delinquent regarding my auto loan in September 2007 and September 2008. In September 2007 I had changed jobs and started working with my Dad, there was a lapse in pay and I was forced to pay late. In September 2008 I had to be out of town for some time regarding a death in the family and missed the payment. Both were equally my responsibility and I take blame of them being negative items on my credit report. The loan has since been paid in full and is taken care of.
3. Verizon Wireless Account 2010
My fiancé and I were expecting our first child and had found that we could get a lower phone bill by switching to Sprint. We realized that even with the termination charges from cancelling Verizon we would still save money from changing carriers. After switching to Sprint, we were about to pay the balance and she ended up having some issues with her pregnancy. She had worked at the time, but after the issues she was off of work and ended up having our daughter shortly after via emergency C-section. She had needed more recovery time from work than they had envisioned. Needless to say we were out some significant money because we needed the money we had planned to pay Verizon for bills, diapers, and other unexpected expenses we were not planning on having. The Verizon account has since been paid in full and this will never happen again.
4. Medical Bill $ 288
This medical bill will be paid in full in the next month. I had some medical procedures I was told that my insurance would cover. At the time I was not aware they wouldn’t cover the anesthesia and some of the actual procedure. I am planning on putting some of our savings towards this to pay for the fees I rightfully accrued. This is the only entry of my negative credit history that has not been paid in full up to date, but this will be paid before closing of the mortgage.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to explain the circumstances leading to some of the entries on my credit report. My credit report and rating are very important to me and I am currently striving to meet all of my financial obligations in the most responsible manner. I am very excited about owning my own home and I look forward to building a strong relationship with you as my lender. I will make all of my payments on time and I promise that you will be happy that you approved this loan.

Yours truly,

Best answer:

Answer by loanmasterone
This tear stained letter,as they are called, sounds pretty good to me. You are direct and to the point with what appear to be valid reasons as well as the result of what you did to pay the debts off once you were able to.

Run these by your mortgage loan officer to make sure this address the negatives on your credit report and that they cover each negative. You only want to write one such letter and not allow them to become a mini book.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


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home refinance program guidelines
It is suggested that you gain the benefits of Making Home Affordable program, for sale support is provided by the federal government, ailment and reorganize your current mortgage to make it reasonable to pay back. The Making Home Affordable Program consists of two main parts:

The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

This alternative makes it accessible to refurbish or modify mortgages available, and make it also makes sense to pay it back with the reduction of the monthly repayment amount and / or prolong the time for repayment of the loan or the term of the loan.

Refinancing Home Affordable Program (HARP)

The harp supports the alternative mortgage refinancing refinancing activity, which is likely to change the mode to be available for your mortgage interest rate, and make your repayment alternatives makes it easy to make. You must be qualified to turn out, or for the right to HAMP or harp to gain the benefits. The loan and debt management experts will help you qualify for your HAMP or harp benefits.

Refinancing Home Affordable Program (HARP) refinance

The Obama plan “harp” is available with the Obama administration in 2010, the opportunities for American homeowners against crime rate foreclosures and bankruptcies to avoid offering, and keep their homes. It is possible for homeowners to restructure or modify their current mortgage terms and conditions take advantage of free and make repayment of the loan by the conditions at home affordable refinance program. It is important to be eligible for the program – you need to qualify. Refinancing helps the candidates in ever qualified for the mortgage refinancing benefits. The basic requirements are as follows:

You must own or take a 1-4 unit home.

The Mortgage Broker specialist and could be by providing sound and accurate advice and information related to home affordable refinance guidelines to support and what kind of documents you’re able to refinance your mortgage application may require.

Your current mortgage must be owned or guaranteed by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

This condition requires come to the conclusion, as one of the most important requirements for your refinance application to be passed. If your current loan was not guaranteed, or from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, the loan experts will review your financial conditions and help you to use the refinancing facilities.

You have to start paying your monthly mortgage payments on time, and should not be longer than 30 days late on your loan payments in the last 12 months.

Your credit history must reflect the detail that you expect to have in your monthly payments. In the event your credit record indicate a failure or missed payments can refinance the debt management experts mortgage company that will help in repairing your credit records to credit repair programs, and make you qualified for Refinancing your mortgage. It is imperative to the guidelines in the home affordable refinance program details follow above provided by the Federal Government. convince

You must be able to assist you and meet the new mortgage payments.

It is to convince very significant that you could meet the proposed refinancing conditions, and would you make regular monthly payments on your loan redemption. The loan experts can prepare your case and help you with the necessary financial statements and documents that you include enough monthly income to make regular installment payments.
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