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Posted on Oct 14, 2011 in RE Finance

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A lot more fantastic real estate information click here… OCTOBER Hello and welcome to This Month in Genuine Estate. I am Jay Papasan Our top story: One particular of the leading things buyers are seeking for in their up coming house. But 1st, side effects the numbers. [NUMBERS] And now, search our top story: according to KW analysis, one of the top attributes that consumers are looking for in their up coming residence acquire is an reasonably priced price tag. Surprisingly, value occasionally even outranks location for the quantity one particular spot. Property owners who retain their property effectively-maintained can anticipate smaller repair bills when it comes time to sell—which can mean a much more competitive list value. For a lot more, we turn to News You Can Use NEWS YOU CAN USE Want to preserve your property warm this winter AND safeguard your equity when it comes time to promote? 1 wonderful way to start off is by “winterizing” your residence now. Here are a couple of items you can do to get began. • Insulating pipes in crawl spaces and attics. Exposed pipes are susceptible to freezing and if they burst, you’ll finish up investing money on repairs. • Seal leaks with caulk or insulation to retain the cold air out and the heat in. Look for leaks close to windows and doors, electrical wiring, dryer vents and pipes. • Alter or clean furnace filters the moment a month. Dirty filters restrict air flow and increase energy demand. • Drain your sprinkler pipes and any exterior water spigots to make certain the pipes underground do not freeze and break. • And lastly, watch your thermostat. Don’t forget to turn it down when you leave and gradually warm the home upon return so
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