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income vs home loan
by micah rich

Question by Cooter: should I pay off the credit cards or the loans?
I am trying to buy a house. which is more beneficial to pay off first to qualify for the most money from the bank.
I have a couple car loans and a couple credit cards. Say I have a 5000$ credit card and a 5000$ car loan and I have the money to pay one off. Which one should I pay off the get the biggest home loan qualification.

Best answer:

Answer by lost
Pay off what ever has the highest intrest.

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Question by 123: How much will the monthly mortgage be, visit and start-up/closing costs?
175000 purchase price
2187.5 annual prop tax
fha 3.5% down
6125 down
6755/year interest
1756.3 deductible income (assuming 26% income tax rate)

(inglewood, viagra CA)


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Answer by Yirmiyahu
Principal & Interest = 805 / month
Taxes = 182 / month
Mortgage Insurance = 150 / month (FHA loans require this)
Homeowners Insurance = 50 / month
Earthquake Insurance = 50 / month

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A handful of nice chateau images I identified:

Château Frontenac, more about Quebec City
Image by John F. T.
Château Frontenac

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Château de Pizay
Image by Olivier Bruchez
Château de Pizay, price Saint-Jean-d’Ardières, ailment France.

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