Good Mansion images

Posted on Aug 8, 2012 in Real Estate News

A couple of great mansion pictures I located:

Image by fisserman
Haunted, buy clinic this mansion. Genuinely.

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Claymont Mansion
Image by CocteauBoy
Claymont Court Mansion

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  1. Deze vind ik heel erg mooi, heb je dat van een bestaande trap?

  2. Dank je. Ik heb deze trap een keer gezien in een docu over urban exploring geloof ik. Had ik een schets van gemaakt. Dit is op basis van die schets gedaan.

  3. i love this painting ,my great grandfather was dutch and also a painter his name was miechiel vervoort ,this painting and many of your others reminded me of his strait away they are great cheers chris

  4. You’re Miechiel Vervoorts grandson? That explains where your talent comes from then. I think it’s a great compliment that some of my works remind you of his, thank you very much!

  5. its funny as soon as i saw your painting i thought of his works ,have you seen any of his paintings ??

  6. His name did sound familiair. After your comment I immediately did a search on the web. I think they’re really good.

  7. I just love your concepts…literally.