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Posted on Oct 17, 2012 in Real Estate Info

Question by Private: Stated Income Home Loan?
Where can I find one for the state of FL. It seems like NO ONE offers them anymore. We have a house and a closing date so we need a loan by MONDAY or we lose the house. Thanks!
We had a pre-approval letter from HSBC and apparently the loan “expired” because we got a phone call Tuesday (11/4) from the loan officer saying that the loan had expired on Friday (10/31) but he wasn’t aware of it. Then he went on to say there was nothing he could do.

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Answer by SOUTH LAKE
I did a stated Income home loan with Countrywide in Texas . I don’t know if they are still offering them .

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Wide angle of the Huge Property

Image by larrysphatpage
1 of the initial major tests of my new Sigma 10-20mm f/3.five super-wide lens, rx this is a shot of as much of Michigan Stadium as I could get in at 10mm.

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entering The Large Residence

Image by Mel Sharlene
University of Michigan 2012 Commencement

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