how can i take advantage of todays low mortgage rates???

Posted on Oct 19, 2012 in FHA Information

Question by dr. feelgood: how can i take advantage of todays low mortgage rates???
i want to build or buy a house but havent found one or havent found a place to build one yet. i want to take advantage of these low rates right now. is there anyway i can start paying on a mortgage now and lock in my interest rate, dosage then when i find what i want i would have this low interest rate and already have paid some on it????? or is there a way i can get a say 200,000 mortgage, put the money in a cd, then when im ready i could take the money out, use it to pay for the house.

i know someone is going to say to just put howevermuch money the payment is going to be, and put it in savings then when im ready, i would have that savings for a bigger down payment, and that would offset the cost of having a higher interest.

well thats just too hard to do for me. its easy for me to make payments but real hard to put money in savings. any suggestions????

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Answer by feanor
You can’t take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates without a piece of property…The problem is that the mortgage is a secured loan that uses the property as collateral…That’s why its interest rate is so much lower than personal/unsecured loans.

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