How do I check daily FHA mortgage rates?

Posted on Aug 6, 2012 in FHA Information

Question by Anna B: How do I check daily FHA mortgage rates?
My lender hasn’t locked rate for home purchase in CA. How do I check rates myself looking at internet. he says we will be able to lock once we get loan docks this week. I just want to see what kind of rate I’m looking at (ballpark)

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Answer by Toni
The site has been around for a decade – you can trust it…

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  1. I disagree with the previous two answers. MOST rates on the internet are very misleading. Unless you understand the difference in rate and APR this will not be helpful to the average person. Also, many rates on the internet include points but the real question is how many. I recommend you shop several banks on the same day and get an estimate of the rates. This will help you determine who is comparable and who is out of the game. Just to give you an idea the average rate today on a FHA loan is 4.50-4.75%. 4.50% would be something most lenders charge additional points for. The 4.75% would traditionally be no points except for the traditional FHA charges. Under the new FHA program FHA charges 1.00% origination charge for the program. This is not a mortgage broker fee, it is a fee to FHA. I do agree with your current lender, he should not lock a rate until he has loan papers in hand. The reason is simple. Rates are quoted and locked based on the estimated time to close. Until your lender has loan papers he can not estimate how much time he needs for the rate lock. This is a KEY part of locking rates. I strongly recommend that you do NOT play the market for a better rate. Rates are showing strong signs of increasing. Most people in the industry are expecting a steady increase into the third quarter. Pick a lender you are comfortable with. trust there judgment and get your rate locked before they go up even further. I am not a mortgage lender, so the rates i quoted are based on my own research that i did today, however, I have a pretty good insight on this stuff. I hope this helps…