i owe school taxes, will i be disqualified for a Fha loan?

Posted on Sep 9, 2012 in FHA Information

Question by : Does an FHA loan sound like a good option for us?
We’re trying to purchase our “forever” home. Like all of us we want the lowest payment possible for the next 30 years (in hopes of paying off early!).
The property location qualifies as an FHA approved location.
Rates in our area are starting to climb. Talking to Chase today our current rate is 5.3%. FHA loans are lower.
We plan to put down at least 20% on $ 185K-$ 195K home.
We are a household that brings in around $ 50K a year and has excellent credit.
I’m not sure where mortgage insurance comes into play here. With a 20% downpayment would we still need it?
Anyone have any good and bad points to FHA loans?

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Answer by huzaifa
uh huh

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Question by : i owe school taxes, salve will i be disqualified for a Fha loan?
If I pay my school taxes in full will I still be disqualified for the loan? I really need some help with the Fha information.My house is up for sale so I really need to get the loan and the only loan that I qualify for is fha

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Answer by kemperk
yours is a first; maybe you don’t live in the US.

in the US, recipe county property taxes are grouped into one
figure–so, sildenafil of the 5 category of taxes that are paid OUT OF
property taxes, when we pay them, all the subcategories
are paid; when we do not pay, NONE of them are.

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  1. Where I live in PA, the property tax, school tax and per capita tax all come on separate bills.