I want to refinance my mortgage due to the recent low rate. Should I wait longer?

Posted on Mar 17, 2013 in HARP Refinance

Question by sold27: How do you start a home daycare business?
I am an educator and have always wanted to own a daycare business. I was thinking about starting a home daycare and then expanding from there. Are there any federal programs that can help with funding? What are the licensing procedures for running a home daycare?

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Question by Eazy: I want to refinance my mortgage due to the recent low rate. Should I wait longer?
I bought an apartment in 2007 and the mortgage rate for 30 years is 6.5%. I recently went to a bank and they gave me the rate of 4.9% (as of April 09) for refinancing. It seems like Obama’s plan is working which is great. But do you think the rate will even go lower? Should I wait longer or better to settle now?

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Answer by Chrissy
I would go for it now. Some financial institutions had rates at 4.5% (with no points either) and they’re starting to creep up just a bit now. A lot of my friends in Real Estate say things are finally starting to turn around as well. If things do go any lower, ask I doubt they’ll fall very much. Now sounds like a good time for you to refinance.

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  1. Honestly the rate changing a little bit doesn’t make a huge difference. 4.9% is a great rate and waiting longer takes on a risk of it going up too. I’d just lock in now and get your payments down. The longer you wait, the longer you are making your higher payments too.