Investment Banking Internship Resume vs The Rest – Who wins?

Posted on Oct 9, 2011 in Home Lending News

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Investment Banking Internship Resume vs The Rest – Who wins?

Why will any investment banking internship resume often get priority more than a normal resume with no an internship?

Well, this in a word ‘differentiation’. 

You see, and investment banking resume piles are awash with prominent schools, page sublime grades and quality degrees.  A 3.eight GPA from Wharton is fantastic and all, but it really is not a drastically special selling proposition. There’s plenty far more exactly where that came from!

What resume piles are not in oversupply of, nor by the extremely nature of the banking business will they ever be, is final year college children with bulge bracket banking internships and even boutique banking internships (or comparable high quality work encounter).

So if you have managed to complete one, then scrawl it in dimension 40 font – Copper Black styles! – because an investment banking internship resume will take you to the top of the pile each single time.

The point here is that your function section will be A+ by mere mention of a competitor they respect.

It should not surprise you then that in IB there are often two piles of resumes– a single has the ‘no internship’ kids and the other has the ‘mini Masters of the Universe’ collection of candidates.  And if you’re on the latter your resume gets interviews almost out of courtesy for this single achievement of yours.


PS  Apart from a banking internship, any encounter in a pertinent field will get you on the ‘mini Masters’ pile. 

For example, if you are applying to FIG and you have worked at a commercial bank, or if you are applying to TMT and you worked in a tech commence up or did an internship at Microsoft, you will discover your self on the knowledgeable pile.

In other words, absent a banking internship, top quality knowledge in an market player relevant to the group you are applying to will perform just as well.


What if you have no investment banking internship?

If you are in truth applying for summer time internship applications then it is no biggie.  But you’ll nevertheless want to have some work knowledge to create about – and I am going to show you how to do that next.

By contrast if you are applying for analyst applications then you happen to be going to struggle without having an investment banking internship resume or other high high quality internship on your resume. 

I am not going to appear at how you can turn an internship-less resume into a winning application in this tutorial, simply because it really is a complete tutorial in and of itself. 

If this is you then retain an eye out for the Within Investment Banking Program (BETA Version just launched) launching this fall since we’ll tackle it in-depth then.


Want to know how to create the perfect investment banking internship resume?

Then examine out our free of charge tutorial on it here.

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