Is there a government refinance assistance program available?

Posted on Sep 21, 2012 in HARP Refinance

government home refinance programs
by marsmet526

Question by Dolan A: Is there a government refinance assistance program available?
I have decent income and credit, visit web capsule but not a good home mortgage. I want to refinance but my loan is above the market’s value, viagra approved and my loan is not with Fannie Mae nor Freddie Mac.

Is there any government program that will get me a loan without mortgage insurance?
I checked out, and the site says, I “don’t quality” for any of the available options. Any other suggestions?

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Answer by BNICKS

check out the website … either option on the site refi or modification would help … i wouldn’t worry to much about having mortgage insurance …

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  1. Im not sure why you need a gov loan if you have good income and good credit. You wont have to get mortgage insurance if you get a 80/20 or an 80/10/10 FYI watch out for people that want to sell you loan modification a lot of them are scams. They give you a Hard money loan. In the fine print these loans say that if you miss one payment they can take your house. The government has FHAsecure for people that need help with foreclosure. But again i dont think you need a govt program. Im licensed in 50 states I can help you out.

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