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Question by : Should i use a Conventional or FHA loan?
My fiance and i plan to buy a townhome sales price is 115, here medical 000.We have 5000 to put as a downpayment. Which passes for the 3.5% requirement for FHA loan. But should we just get the conventional loan instead to get a better mortgage rate? I have good credit of 770 and he has 605. We can’t put 10% or 20% down to avoid pmi so we were thinking we get two loans instead using downpayment assistance from the housing partnership of northeast florida. Which do you think we should chose??
For closing cost his job has a matching program for first time homebuyers in which for every $ 1 we contribute they match by $ 5. no repayment after 5 years

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Answer by sassy2
The conventional loan is better in that there are no restrictions of the condition of the house you are buying.
But you cannot get two loans. Those days are over. All you can afford is the FHA loan. Your down payment will be 4025. What will you use for closing costs? They can run as much as 6k. Do not think you can afford being a home owner at this time

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A couple of nice mansion pictures I found:

Berclair Mansion in Bee County, visit this site Texas – berclairmansion10
Image by mlhradio
Berclair Mansion, approved Bee County, this web Texas. Built in 1936 in the tiny whistlestop town of Berclair on southeast Texas, made completely of steel, cement and brick – and some say it is haunted.

Often the areas you discover purely by accident are better than the planned trips. Even though driving back from a ho-hum trip to the Battle of Coleto battleground memorial, I drove by means of the tiny town of Berclair. Positioned along Highway 59 (future Interstate 69) just north of Beeville, the town was settled in the late nineteenth century as a railroad quit to serve the local ranchers, and was rumoredly named right after a rancher couple, Bert and Claire. Although by no means a significant center of commerce, Berclair thrived till the Wonderful Depression, and like many modest Texas towns began a lengthy, slow decline. Till recently, Berclair had dwindled down to many dozen residents and fading memories.

Just off to the left was a old abandoned developing in an open field (the school), and behind that a grand two-story mansion. The gate was open, and the sign by the highway says it was accessible for functions and events the constructing out back (originally the servant’s quarters) was now a fancy Mexican restaurant.

I had run across a few other related mansions scattered about Texas over the past year – these grand, fancy homes seemingly out-of-location in tiny, backwater, fading Texas towns. Off the top rated of my head, I recall the Bel-Asher in Asherton, the Ruckman Mansion in Helena, the Swalinski Property in Falls City. Quite incongruous to locate a mansion stuck in the middle of a town of little, broken-down and abandoned properties.

Checking on the internet later, I learned the history of the mansion. Berclair was built in 1936 by a local rancher’s widow, Etta Terrell, to house herself and her four aged spinster/widowed sisters. The original house that was built on that place had burned to the ground, so she vowed to develop a new home that could not burn. When it was finished, the Berclair Mansion encompassed 22 rooms, built entirely of steel, concrete and brick.

They lived in the mansion till the last sister died in 1968, when it was willed to a niece who refused to live there, and built a house next door rather. When she died in 1998, she instructed that the mansion and all its contents were to be destroyed – but the state intervened, and a year later the mansion was provided to the Beeville Art Association.

What they discovered inside was fairly amazing – the mansion was filled with rare 16th and 17th century antiques, furnishings and artwork imported from Europe. Hidden in a closet was a painting that everybody thought was lost to the globe – sold for ten million dollars at auction, a lot more than enough to spend for the extensive renovations.

And if you do a search on Google, 1 of the big topics about the mansion is that it is haunted. Landscape workers reported seeing a tiny old lady at the window waving hello every single morning sounds of moving furnishings or music playing behind closed doors things found in various places.

Tours of the mansion are available when a month by reservation – now that I know, I am so there. Also obtainable for dinners, weddings and other events (pretty cheap, also). Images taken March 7, 2009.

For much more info, links:
Official Internet site, tons of pics
Scarlett On the web – go to description
Caller-Occasions investigates ghosts

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Mansion on a hilltop
Image by Nagesh Kamath
How would it be to have a mansion on a hilltop?! Have to be entertaining… but then I can’t imagine the amount of work it should take to keep the location… shudder…

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Glenview Mansion
Image by Mr. T in DC
Glenview Mansion is comprised of a stone 1926 classical revival mansion, which incorporated the original 1830s residence of a prominent Maryland lawyer and judge, Richard Johns Bowie. In 1957, the mansion and grounds were donated to the city of Rockville, and are presently employed for specific events and as a cultural and arts center. The address is 603 Edmonston Drive.

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