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Posted on Mar 11, 2013 in FHA Information

Some cool apartment creating photos:

The Blok

Image by The Apologue
Typical apartment creating in Poland

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the building

Image by fdrizo
My apartment developing

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by ~MVI~ (running away from parties)

Question by mangelooc: Anyone with a credit score lower than 630 got approved for a Stated Income Stated Asset HELOC? who’s lender?
My credit score has dropped because of credit card bills and I want to get a home equity line to consolidate my bills. I need to go SISA because I have a commission based job and I havent made enough much the past two years to qualify me, more about I also have very few assets right now. My home has about 200k in equity but I’m having the hardest time getting approved. If anyone has a lender who has approved them with my situation please let me know. Thanks
I live in California USA.

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Answer by togashiyokuni2001
Hmmm. I don’t have a license in California, dosage but your best bet is to just call a mortgage broker. They usually have at least 3-4 banks that will do a deal like that, depending on the CLTV.

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Question by pam t: if your mortgage is not with freddie mac or fannie mae can you still participate in making homes affordable?
if your mortgage is held by a private bank, ambulance can that bank participate in Obama’s ‘making homes making homes affordable’?

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Answer by Landlord
Yes, they can. It is available for all lenders.

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OVERNIGHT MONEY: Watch out for that sequester
The housing downturn has put the FHA in a financial bind, shop facing what could amount to billions of dollars in losses. During a hearing earlier this month, thumb Republican … Ron Paul (R-Texas) made his presence and opinions known by sending out a statement …
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Paper on Agency's Future; Free Bank Research Site; Status of Community Banks
Mortgage lending has benefited from this low-rate environment, viagra sale but we all know that heavy reliance on mortgage lending for sustainable revenue growth can become a problem at the point that rates again begin to rise, and especially if you have built a …
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