Lyman Meadow Condominiums, Hinesburg VT

Posted on Sep 25, 2012 in Real Estate News

Question by Lady B: Why does only 1 person in my family believe Obama will give out Free Points to refinance their home?
Why does this 1 person believe Obama is going to give them and anyone 2 free points when they go to refinance?

BTW this is their 2nd home and they are not hurting for money?

This person is an Attorney.

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Answer by v b
Because you have no idea what you are talking about.

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Question by Phil R: Will my FHA mortgage be turned down for overdrawn checking account?
I have been approved for an FHA mortgage loan and have been asked for 2 months of bank statements. My concern is that my account was overdrawn a few weeks ago. It was the first time in at least a year and a half it has been overdrawn and was an honest mistake. Can they reverse my approval for this reason? Thank you.

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Answer by JM
nope, help they will not. i actually had one (which i was so pissed at cuz a check cleared about 30 seconds before my direct deposit went in) and i was fine. i offered to show a year of statements to prove it was a fluke but they told me not to worry, they don’t hold 1 against you!

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Lyman Meadow Condominiums, pharmacy Hinesburg VT
Image by NNECAPA
Description: This photo shows 5 units in a tightly clustered 80-unit condominium development in the heart of a small town village area located on Lyman Meadow Road in Hinesburg, clinic Vermont. These are small clustered units (approximately 900 square feet), with substantial greenspace both on the parcel, and on adjacent public land (Lyman Park) and public trails (Russell trails). Note the bikes on the decks of each of the unit ­ part of a walkable/bikable village area.

Size: 80 units; 12 acre parcel (original parcel larger, project donated additional land to town for a park); 1&2 bedroom condos; approx. 900 square feet per unit.

Date Built: c.1988

Photo Taken: September 2007

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Jesselton Condominium, Kota Kinabalu
Image by thienzieyung
Jesselton Condo is a 15 storey high condominium, located on a hillock overlooking Likas Bay towards the north and Mount Kinabalu to the east. If you look carefully just above the trees you can see Likas Square. There is a sky terrace on the 15th floor of the condo which is developed by Bina Puri Group. For more info do check out:…

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