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Question by vballbaaabee: FHA 203K mortgage with a Homesteps Foreclosure home?
Looking to buy a home and DIY rehab, viagra buy the realtor mentioned that since the home was already a Homesteps property that we would be able to get the mortgage and rehab mortgage all in one.
Anyone with experience able to offer any input into this?

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Answer by golferwhoworks
So your realtor thinks they are a mortgage professional? 203 K loans require a contractor amd bids in the file. There is no do it yourself type of 203K loans. The easiest is a streamline 203 K where the rehab is less than $ 25.000 but either you or the contractor must put up the materials cost and then have that work inspected before funds will be disbursed. If the rehab is over that amount then there are draws at certain intervals for the repairs.
Realtors should only sell homes and not be loan originators when they are not
I am a mortgage banker in TN

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Examine out these condominium pictures:

R55 Condominium Construction Progress
Image by thienzieyung
We drove pass Penampang Pintas Road today and hence, cheap I got to have a swift pass-by look at the to be luxurious R55 Condominium, which is nonetheless fairly low. It has only grown a couple of stories taller given that I final saw it. Though I believe it would be a good searching condominium block, set in the green ricefield places of Putatan Ramayah. It will be 11 stories tall and created by Benua Maxis Sdn. Bhd.

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Jesselton Condominium Front View
Image by thienzieyung
It was a gorgeous and clear morning today. I took some time off to go to the Likas Stadium to photograph the surroundings. From the southern finish of the larger parts of the stadium, I noticed the blue rolling hills of Penampang, and in front of it was Jesselton Condominium. The morning April Sun shone brightly on the northern facade of the condominium.

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