Options if defaulted on a federal student loan?

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 in HARP Refinance

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Question by aurora: Options if defaulted on a federal student loan?
My boyfriend defaulted on a federal student loan in 1995, cure web and his wages have been garnished ever since. None of the money has ever been applied to the principal. The loan holder will drop $ 8, this 000 in collection charges if the loan is paid off in a lump sum.Yet, salve he can’t get this kind of financing ($ 35,000) at a regular bank because of his poor credit, and because he has already consolidated once. If he enters the loan holder’s “rehabilitation” program and pays additional money for 9 months (on top of the garnishment) they will drop the default status, enabling him to get the financing, but they will not drop the collection charge. He can’t get a home equity line of credit, and the typical student loan financers won’t help him because of the “default status” on this loan – a catch 22. Who can go to that will loan him the money to refinance this nightmare? It seems like they make it difficult for him to get out of this because it is a cash cow for them, and a perfectly legal scam.
My boyfriend defaulted on a student loan. He made a mistake and is not trying to “welch” on the deal. He is trying to fix his mistake. It is a legal scam because they make it difficult for him to do so because this is a CASH COW for Sallie Mae. I posted this question to see if anyone else knew where to go, not for you to reign down your judgment on him.
He has paid the price already and this SCAM is designed for him to pay the price until he dies. How much does he have to be punished? It’s outrageous!
He’s not HITLER for crying out loud!

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Answer by parsonsel
Not a legal scam. He defaulted and is now paying the price. He’ll have to get a 2nd job and start paying more money.

He signed the paperwork and they lent him the money in good faith. He decided to welsh on the deal and is now crying because it backfired on him.

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  1. What did he expect?

    A Congratulation for not giving back their money?