Payday loans no credit check?

Posted on Oct 1, 2012 in Stated Income Loans

payday loans no credit check
by icantcu

Question by : Payday loans no credit check?
Payday loans no credit check – does anyone know a reliable lender for payday loans no credit check?

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Answer by happywjc
That’s the “best way to bury” yourself financially!!!!
don’t do it!
This should be outlawed!
they get like 130% interest~

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  1. Questionable! Be careful! The interest is extraordinary > If it is a have to thing. Plates for your car or insurance, or a doctor visit maybe. But be very careful and make sure you pay it off on time.Check your yellow pages under loans. Call a few and then decide. Good Luck!

  2. This is a mistake that you will likely never recover from. They have high interest and insane “fees” they use to skirt the usury laws. You will end up paying back 10 times what your borrowed. It will be automatically taken out of your checking. You would be much better off finding a loan shark.

  3. I have a good friend who manages a payday loan branch in Mississippi and from what she tells me there are no payday loan places that do not check credit.

    The main reason for this is to make sure that people don’t have several payday loans already.

  4. There are many lending companies that have jumped into this business and easily give out these types of loans. You have probably seen the ads on TV, heard them on the radio or you may have driven by dozens of them throughout your city.

    A paycheck loan can be a good service for quickly and easily borrowing money within a difficult situation. This really does come in handy if you do not have any other financial choices. Some people might use a payday loan company for an unexpected short term needs such as a doctor bills, vehicle repair or some other expenditure that may occur at an unwanted time. Payday loans are helpful for borrowers who don’t have credit cards or their are no savings available. Because the loans do not require a credit check, they are easy for people with financial headaches to acquire.

  5. There’s a lot of reputable lenders out there, some of them are also giving out some pretty heavy discounts to first time borrowers or refers.

    When it comes to borrowing, make sure you always do your research ahead of time. Don’t rely solely on the opinion of people on Yahoo answers… exhibit A “How is Babby Formed?”. (If you haven’t seen that video yet, look it up its educational and hilarious)

    I know there’s a number of different sites out there that specialize in this kind of stuff, you might want to start there. I really like, they’ve got a couple decent deals up from some reputable lenders, but you may want to try a different website.

    I think what it boils down to is you need to find out what’s right for your own financial situation. Compare rates and fees and go with what works for you, not anyone else.

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