Planet Castle (redone)

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refinancing fha mortgage
by marsmet526

Question by Scott: Refinancing 6 months old FHA mortgage?
I bought a house 6 months ago and got 6% interest rate on 30 yr FHA. Watching the rates go down made me wonder if I can refinance. Since FHA is a government-backed mortgage loan I was wondering what the options were. I read something about FHA streamline refinance but didn’t really understand if that’s what I could do. How much are fees?
My lender is US Bank


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Answer by Beverly S
An FHA streamline refinance is an excellent program. Since you are already on an FHA loan – FHA allows you to do a streamline refi which basically reduces your rate- Fees are minimal and can be included in the loan- there is no appraisal needed, site hospital no income docs needed and no credit check. The only requirement is that you have paid your mortgage/or rent (in your case 6 payment on mtg. & 6 months rent or mortgage where you lived before) on time with no 30 day lates.

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Planet Castle (redone)
Image by Blyzz
I know I’ve uploaded this ahead of – but I wasn’t really content with it final time. There was blurring because the stitching wasn’t completed effectively. This time though , this site I’ve located a much much better stitching system (autopano).

Creating on this fort-like castle began in 1666 and is therefore the oldest standing constructing in South Africa.

Software employed:
Autopano two
Noisware Community Edition

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  1. this is extremely Good

  2. Really nice!

  3. thanks guys

  4. id like one of the green point stadium when complete! please!

  5. Fabulus look

  6. rfataar: so would I – if you can get me in the middle of the pitch once it’s completed I’d be happy to oblige.

  7. wow! how did you get your shadow out of all the shots? photo-chopping in Gimp? or was it shot like that?

    good job friend.

  8. Leon: Thanks, no – it’s a complete mock-job, the middle of the polar panoramas looks aweful. So I work my magic with GIMP/Photoshop to get it to look a bit better.

    I do the same with the corners…

    I’ll post a process workflow like I did with the Devil’s Peak HDR sometime.

  9. Amazing shot, good work!

  10. great. I just tried a planet myself. Great fun

  11. Superb treatment!.

    Please consider adding to them group called South African National Monuments and Heritage sites, Regards, Kleinz

  12. i agree, AutoPano is OK !