Q&A: A mortgage loan for bad credit?

Posted on Oct 11, 2012 in FHA Information

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Question by renan h: can i get a home loan with 10 to 20% down .good credit .no income verification.150, cure 000 mortgage loan.?
answer from someone experienced.knowledgeable.thanks

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Answer by tommy r
depends on the value of the property and the lender involved
as far as no income verification, the rate may be a little higher check the banks where you do business first for a dry run on the rates good luck

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fha mortgage loans bad credit
by marsmet526

Question by jaimeprater2000: A mortgage loan for bad credit?
My partner and I are first time home buyers, website like this we’re really wanting to purchase a home. Our credit is less then great but we know we can qualify for FHA loans and other grants to help us with a down payment, physician etc…we just need some help.

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Answer by David
Your best best is with an FHA as you noted above. The last time I was working with FHA loans the minimum credit score cutoff was 620… it could have been changed recently. The minimum down payment is 3.5%. I would pull a free credit report and work on paying any past due collections, make sure your payments are on time, and lastly ensure your credit cards are not highly utilized

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