Q&A: Are there any home loans that dont check your credit?

Posted on Sep 19, 2012 in Stated Income Loans

Question by Dr.Henry: Does anyone know how if it is possible to get refinancing after my credit score was destroyed from fraud.?
The results of the fraud ( perpetrated by a family member) was to file bankruptcy. I recently settled my chapter 13 bankruptcy and avoided foreclosure. Now with a low credit score and no credit cards, medicine cheap I still own my home but wish to refinance to consolidate my first and second mortgages at a lower interest rate. Are there any programs through Fannie Mae or other federal programs?

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Answer by frankie77
Usually, health you need to wait 2 years after a bk and you can do FHA. Sometimes, they will approve at 18 months with DOCUMENTED special circumstances.

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Question by mike: Are there any home loans that dont check your credit?
If so, website is the interest rate higher? Because my credit is bad.
I got no down for a house. I heard of 1st time home buyers, more about what are the requirnment for that.

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Answer by i_am_the_dark_clown
Yeah, approved check with Vinnie down at the club. No fuss, no muss, unless of course, you cannot repay with 100% interest. then, you get your legs broken.

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  1. Yes, loan sharks.

  2. Everyone who plans to loan you money to buy real estate will check your credit.

    However, it’s a whole lot easier to get a home loan than it is a car loan. First thing to do is locate a mortgage finance company. Sit down with them and be totally honest with them. They will help you in every way they can to put together a loan.

    Then, they’ll send you out to find a home in your price range. Go for it.

  3. any reputable loan source will check your credit. sorry man.

  4. No They all check your credit. Yes, the interest rate is higher for people who have poor credit and they may not be able to get a loan at all until they have improved their credit rating.
    There are a number of programs that will help people become first time home owners but even with a no down payment loan there are usually some up front and closing costs.