Q&A: can i get a home loan with 10 to 20% down .good credit .no income verification.150,000 mortgage loan.?

Posted on Oct 11, 2012 in Stated Income Loans

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Question by renan h: can i get a home loan with 10 to 20% down .good credit .no income verification.150, cure 000 mortgage loan.?
answer from someone experienced.knowledgeable.thanks

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Answer by tommy r
depends on the value of the property and the lender involved
as far as no income verification, the rate may be a little higher check the banks where you do business first for a dry run on the rates good luck

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  1. Yes you can. If you are self employed, you can qualify. Or if your lucky, when the file is uploaded with a lender that has automated underwriting….income verification could be waived depending on your credit, ltv, etc. However, lenders are now randomly pulling your previous tax returns to make sure you are close to what you state on the loan application. Try Countrywide’s “Fast and Easy” program.

  2. nice down payment – ok
    good credit – ok
    but banks are taking it in the shorts all over so I can’t imagine you won’t have to at least provide previous tax returns to prove income – somehow – income shows whether you can afford the loan and banks certainly want to verify that

  3. How can you not be able to verify your income? All you need is your tax records from the last couple of years.

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