Q&A: can the mortgage for a florida housing bond change if my income increases during the term of the loan?

Posted on Aug 22, 2012 in FHA Information

Question by Jeremy M: How do FHA mortgages work and what are the minimum qualifications?

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Answer by Yo
FHAs are not credit driven and they mostly focus on income. You can only get a house for a certain price depending on the region where you are.

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Question by : can the mortgage for a florida housing bond change if my income increases during the term of the loan?
We have been approved for a FHA Florida housing bond mortgage. If our income increases during the term of the mortgage, patient can our loan be modified or increased as well?

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Answer by saurabh
Yes . There is a limit depending upon the company policies. If you have paid a certain installments of an existing loan, viagra buy the loan amount can be raised depending upon your income. Depends upon the condition that if your previous loan was dependent upon your income,

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