Q&A: FHA Loan what is required to pass inspection? Is painting and carpet a requirement prior to closing?

Posted on Aug 2, 2012 in FHA Information

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HARP Refinance; the savior of home-owners

Home loans refinance has become a necessity in the wake of continuing recession and plummeting property prices. There is no alternative to home loans refinance because incomes are reducing and some advantage can be derived from the reducing interest rates. Home purchase loans are taken for a long period between thirty and forty years considering only the prevalent financial condition of the borrower and the economic condition of the country. But many things change in such a long period such as three decades. Incomes may increase or decrease drastically before one is able to adjust to the change.

In the US, shop since 2007 the value of property has slowly but steadily decreased. Also the economic crisis that has overshadowed everything else has not yet blown over. Thus, view though home loan borrowers are looking for home loans refinance, physician it has become impossible to be able to do so because of home loan refinance rates and also because the value of the property has become less than the loan repayable amount.

harp refinance is the US government’s helping hand to overcome this crisis.

The Home Affordable Refinance Program has been initiated by the Federal Housing Finance Agency of the government of USA. This program was created to help home-owner borrowers who have not remained financially stable due to the economic crisis and are unable to pay their monthly dues or even help those who are finding it difficult to meet their obligations.

There are certain qualifying conditions for the HARP Refinance loan to come through.

• The mortgage must be owned by the Government approved Finance agencies; Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

• The loan is required to be complete before May 2009.

• The home-owner must not have availed the HARP refinance facility before except if it is a loan serviced by Fannie Mae between March 2009 and May 2009.

• The home-owner cannot be a defaulter and must have paid all installments up-to-date in the last one year.

• Since home loan repayment rates are decided upon the ratio of loan to value, the criteria for HARP Refinance is that this ratio should be more than 80%.

• If HARP Refinance is given, the home-owner must get a benefit of lower monthly payments or a better plan such as fixed interest plan.

Other facilities such as waiving of the mandatory home evaluation are also provided to the borrower if there is an automated evaluation-model available in the area where the property is situated.

However, this very pro-people HARP refinance scheme will be valid only until the end of 2013 unless the government decides to extend it further. The Government of USA hopes to end the ongoing economic crisis much before that date so that home loans refinance will not be such a big deal and home loan refinance rates will be more inviting.
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Question by Kay: FHA Loan what is required to pass inspection? Is painting and carpet a requirement prior to closing?
Hello, more about I am looking into purchasing a home using FHA the house was recently vandalized and there are holes in the wall, price will the FHA inspector require the holes to be fixed prior to closing the loan ?We are not considering a 203K. Also, viagra 100mg what appliances are required to close a loan I have getting mixed answers some people say a stove and fridge others say stove and dishwasher. Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by Janet P
No portable appliances are required. You are required to have working heat, in AZ, working AC, a working hot water heater and a stove.

All of the plumbing and electrical must work. There must be flooring.

Basically, the house has to be immediately habitual.

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One Comment

  1. I don’t know that appliances need to be included – if so, a fridge definitely is not required. I just bought a house with an FHA loan and it doesn’t have a fridge which was not an issue. The inspector did note that there was chipping paint on the outside of the house that had to be fixed along with repairing the mortar between the bricks on the exterior.

    Basically the house’s electrical and plumbing systems must work and the structure needs to be sound. I don’t know whether or not holes on interior walls would be a problem or not.