Q&A: Finding A Low Income Personal Loan That Is Compatible In North Carolina?

Posted on Oct 3, 2012 in Stated Income Loans

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loan modification program
by Chris Devers

Question by Barry: Can I get approved for the new Obama loan modification program while my house is listed for sale?
I will be applying for a wells fargo loan modification. I switched jobs about a year ago and make significantly less than when I purchased the home. Currently my monthly mortgage payment is much more than 31% of my gross income. Will I be denied because my house is listed for sale. The house is not in foreclosure. I know the question: “Is your house listed for sale or do you intend to sale your home?” is specifically asked in the wells fargo questionaire. What should I do?

Best answer:

Answer by sassy2
You can’t lie. Your house is for sale. If you apply for the refi and a buyer comes along you are screwed.
With a refi your principle, purchase property tax and homeowners insurance are not reduced. Just the interest and a longer term. You do not realize much savings. It only pays if the rate is 2 points.

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Question by : Finding A Low Income Personal Loan That Is Compatible In North Carolina?
I’m looking for a 5, case 000 or 6, page 000 loan, but I only make grossly about $ 600 a month…I dont really have anyone to co-sign with me and my credit is fair…I got a credit card that I owe but cant pay back until the end of January (2007)….I dont own a home either, I stay with my mother…Anyone have anything to help me..No BS Please!!!

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Answer by Sturzstrom H
The best place to go for low-interest loans if the Sturzstrom Funding Group on Prosper (my group). We can assist you with a loan in North Carolina from $ 1,000 to $ 25,000. The state maximum interest rate is 16%, so depending on your credit score, your interest rate will be anywhere from 7% to 16%.

The Sturzstrom funding group can be found at http://www.ProsperFiveStar.com – click the Join link to begin. Once you’re signed up to Prosper, you’ll find our group page.

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  1. Brittany, God bless you. I have no idea where to get money from but look into changing jobs. You have a career problem…consider school or how about a part time job. Avoid borrowing if at all possible and dont get a co-signer, its your situation alone, dont involve others. Good luck on finding a place and whatever you do stay away from PAY DAY LOANS.

  2. You between a rock and a hard place.
    Go see a credit councilor!