Q&A: I would like to find someone who can streamline an FHA mortgage…?

Posted on Aug 27, 2012 in FHA Information

Question by rosesbloom7: What are the guidelines for FHA bailout for mortgages? What is forgiven after short sale or foreclosure?
Who are FHA lenders for the new program?

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Answer by J. Philip Real Estate
That is an extremely broad question. I would go to the HUD and FHA websites to get started.

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Historical UK base rates
20 year mortgage rates
Image by manarh
I’m considering locking in for a 20+ year fixed rate mortgage and for a sanity check I was seeking for historical swap and base rates. Could not very easily discover anything decent online so I pulled the official Bank of England base rates information from their website and charted it.

UK Base rates have in no way been beneath 5% other than because late 2001. The average from then (half way off the peak of 2001) until the end of the 5.25% peak in 2008(i.e. missing the current unprecedented low levels) is 4.5%.

But for the final year swap rates have been at or beneath that four.5% level for all time periods (including 15-30 years). Am I missing some thing? Is the marketplace factoring a decent chance of depression to discount on rates that would be the situation if a return to normality was presumed (not to mention high rates that would stick to if we had inflation)? What were 15 year swap rates like in 2004 or 1997?

I can’t support but feeling there is a high opportunity that existing 15+ year swap rates may be practically as very good a deal now as the terrible deal I presume they turned out to be in 1987.

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Existing Mortgage Rates These days – JPMorgan and Bank of America Raise Rates
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Mortgage Industry Weekly Update: August 20-24
The U.S. housing market place continued to obtain momentum and typical mortgage rates increased once more for the duration of the August 24 week. The typical 30-year fixed-rate mortgage elevated to 3.66 percent from three.62 percent in the preceding week, capsule according to Freddie …
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Reducing Each Rate and Term with a Mortgage Refinance
In these cases, sick a lot of borrowers are turning to the 20 year fixed rate mortgage as an alternative when refinancing. According to the Mortgage Banker&#39s Association, the 20 year mortgage is the third most well-known type of mortgage project right after the 30 year and …
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Question by marmstrong1877: I would like to find someone who can streamline an FHA mortgage…?
looking for a lender or broker who will do an actual FHA streamline without adding hidden fees in (i.e., drug stating that closing costs are free but the loan amount goes up 4350.)

Hoping for the Twin cities area mortgage. Thanks!

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Answer by skr
You just need a heads up on the lingo. FHA will have mortgage insurance and it will be added to your loan. There is NO SUCH THING as no closing cots , f you see no fees on the GFE the it’s withing the rate you are paying. GFE are now standard and they have to disclose everything. Get a nice bank like wells fargo ;)….I don’t trust brokers.

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