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Posted on Aug 29, 2012 in FHA Information

Question by That’s what who said?: What would be the best loan option?
I am buying a home. I will put down an offer for $ 65, order visit this 000. I make $ 30, visit this site stuff 000 a year and have $ 19, cost 000 saved up towards the home. I have a credit score of 725. I was planning on getting a 15 yr mortgage, and putting 20% down, basically because I want as little debt as possible. Today, I was talking with someone who recommended putting down as little as possible (FHA 3% even) and taking out a 30 year mortgage. He said I could use the money I would have otherwise spent on the 15yr, 20% down mortgage to invest, thus making more money than i will pay extra in interest. While his thinking made sense, I just can’t be comfortable with that much debt. I am familiar with other forms of investing. He also reminded me most 30yr mortgages let you pay more than your principle. It just seems like a better idea to get the best interest rate possible (about 4.7% for a 15yr, as opposed to 5.1% for a 30 yr). With the 20% down I would also avoid mortgage insurance. I know i CAN afford the 15yr, 20% down payment, but should I go this route? Thank you!

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Answer by R. Guetive
Go for the 15 year loan. You actually pay less for the home cuz you’re not paying all that interest.

I wonder if lender’s are making some kind of commission on the loan and that’s why they encourage to take out large loans.

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  1. Your first choice is the best. The big down payment avoids Mortgage Insurance which saves you a bundle of money every single month. The FHA loan has increased fees, too. That money is all wasted..