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State Of The Union 2013 Live: Obama Delivers Annual Address (LATEST

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Question by One Still Man: How much lowerr with the Hamp Program lower my credit rating? My wife and I have excellent credit! My wife applied for the Obama Hamp program since I am out of work. We just found out it might lower our credit rating. I wish she knew about this sooner. How much will this Obama Hamp program hurt our credit rating? Is there an institution I can find this real number from? Thanks Best answer: Answer by bdancer222I’m not sure if or how much the program would impact your score. It could be a temporary ding, here online like a debt management program. It’s noted while in the program but on completion the notation is removed. It may also depend on exactly whay kind of loan modification you are doing. Some of the programs may ding your credit while others won’t. In any case, shop if you are currently out of work and are in need of loan modification for your mortgage, you really aren’t going to be looking for and new lines of credit. Losing a few points on your score won’t make a lot of difference. Certainly won’t ding your credit as bad as a foreclosure would. Give your answer to this question below! Question by happyhive7: What kind of government grants are out there to help with housing/home foreclosure? I’m on the verg of foreclosure and need help fast! I know it may be a bit far fetched to receive a grant for home foreclosure but I’m just reasearching any possibility to help me not lose my house.Any info will help. Thanks. well dawn666, store My husband has a full time job and we have 5 kids and we like many people in the united states has found ourselves in a hard situation, prescription so before anyone else thinks I’m a lazy bum try to not be an IDIOT first! Best answer: Answer by dawn666annapolisi think the gov. has exhausted all funds available. you need a job. Give your answer to this question below! Question by belle: Is it stupid to buy a home now? I am in college and have no money to put down. But I’m tired of throwing away money on rent. I’m thinking I can buy a small modest home, this site but I would need to rent a room to afford it. Is this as absurd as I think it is, or could this potentially be a good investment? Best answer: Answer by xxxyachiruxxxYou can buy a small apartment I suppose. What do you think? Answer below! Question by Jjj: Question about Real Estate Economics? I have a question about the prices of real estate. 15 year ago, price in Ontario (A province in Canada) the average income was 42,000 a year and the average house price was 130,000 a year. Now in 2012, the average income is 48,000 a year, while the average house price is 400,000 a year (these numbers aren’t exact, but there roughly close). Incomes haven’t increased drastically, and most of the increase I imagine is justified by inflation. However, I do no comprehend a 300% increase in housing prices. Question 1, why are prices that high? I understand the rudiments of the financial debacle in 2008, and the use of Credit Default Swaps and the eagerness of issuing risky mortgages created a lot of demand for houses, and the prices increased. However, after the financial crisis, house prices in Canada remain high! So are housing prices today remnants of the risky-mortgage credit default swap fest? This leads to my second question. If...

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