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How much of a house can I buy if I make about $230,000 to $300,000 a year?

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Question by Nikki K: when you go online and apply for home loans does that count against your credit? my husband and i are looking to buy a house in next couple months and we are wanting to apply for home loans at a couple different places but not if it is going to count against our credit. is there anyway that we can just see what kind of loan and payments we could get without it counting against us? which places are the best to go to? i just want to see what kind of loan and rates we can get right now without any commitment and then choose the best one for us later. Best answer: Answer by Help Is Here!If someone runs your credit to give you a preapproval, seek sickness yes, online your score will take a hit. But, try if you are checking out quite a few in a short period of time, it will not count as 10 inquiries, because they have it set up now, that if you are looking for a car loan or mortgage, they bunch it together. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! Question by paiige_peaace27: How much of a house can I buy if I make about 0, drugs 000 to 0,000 a year? Based on Prices & Square Footage, if I get a 15-year fixed rate In Indiana Illinois Florida New Jersey California Hawaii Thanks Best answer: Answer by My Take on ItJust Google “mortgage calculator” Most sites will have a section that can calculate how much house you can afford. Doesn’t matter what state you buy in. Also, there is a HUGE difference between making 230k and 300k a year. If you go by the 300k a year figure, you *may* be able to afford a house up to 900k. Depends on your debts, credit and interest rate you get. Also, you are going to need a hefty down payment if you want to go the max of what your income can supposedly afford. You cannot get an FHA loan on a 900k house unless you are putting almost 500k down. You would have to do a conventional loan which is going to want 20% or more down. That’s almost 400k. What do you think? Answer below! How much of a house can I buy if I make about $230,000 to $300,000 a...

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Q&A: How much of monthly rent would I be paying with a 230,000 FHA loan?

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by SS&SS Question by Steve M: How can I raise my credit score 30 points very quickly? I need 20-30 quick points on my credit and I dont have a whole lot of money to pay down balances. I am at 590-600 and i need to be at 620 for an FHA mortgage loan. Any suggestions will help!!! Best answer: Answer by JudyNeed more info. If you ever touch 75% of usage of your limits you are causing extreme harm to your score. Even bringing them down to 50% of limits can give you a boost. Optimal use only 25% of your limits. For 800+ scores – pay in full each month. Do not open any new credit. Do not close old accounts. Only secret is to lower your debt utilization ratio on your cards. Then wait for the score to reflect the change. Credit cards update on the credit card’s closing date – usually. (only once a month). / Give your answer to this question below! Some cool massive property images: Construction and Expansion at the Large Residence (University of Michigan, physician Ann Arbor) Image by cseeman More fantastic homes click here… Construction at Michigan Stadium (the Huge Home) – University of Michigan’s Football Stadium Image by cseeman If you would like to see much more properties click right here… Construction at Michigan Stadium (the Large House) – University of Michigan’s Football Stadium Image by cseeman If you would like to see more properties click right here… Question by loismae01: What do you classes do you need to become a Mortgage Loan officer? I would like to become a Mortgage Loan officer. What classes would I need to take to do that. It used to be just Real estate license. But Im seeing other things like NMLS, visit this site Loan officer training course, discount Processing course,Fha/va course. Can you tell me what I need to do. I’m in Cal. Best answer: Answer by loanmasteroneMost states have established a contracted with national firm for the classes and administer the test for those seeking to become mortgage loan officers. You would need to have a mortgage loan officers license to work for a mortgage banker/broker. If you decide to work for a bank, then a mortgage loan officers license if not required. You should google mortgage loan officer requirements followed by California to see what the requirements are to become a mortgage loan officer in California. I hope this has been of some benefit to you,good luck. “FIGHT ON” Add your own answer in the comments! Question by lore81: Can I get a second mortgage loan on a purchase outside of the state Im living in? I want to help my parents buy their first home, approved but because they may not have a good credit score, I was wanting to apply with them to help them. How can I do this? Best answer: Answer by daeve930The first thing to do is check their credit scores. I use, and you can order each of the three major bureau reports there. You have to pay for the score. I think one is $ 5.95 and the other 2 are $ 7.95. Don’t buy any other services from them. What they call debt analysis is something you can do in seconds for free. Just add up all your monthly payments from the reports, and divide by the monthly gross. That’s you debt to income ratio and what they call debt analysis. Most lenders will line up all three scores for all the borrowers and use the lowest middle score. Yes,...

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