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[ F1 News: ] Crack the Nanjing Hanzhong Gate Bridge Construction Committee to follow at the end does not protect their m

on May 24, 2012 in RE Finance | 60 comments

of Ed Bierman Crack the Nanjing Hanzhong Gate Bridge Construction Committee to comply with at the end does not safeguard their m merchandise by Jekky railing cracks have been identified in principle, page the construction unit of money or get a new will Hanzhong Gate Bridge to be only a year, and railing at the crack, rapid series of reports on the matter, argue that the relevant departments attach great value. Yesterday, Nanjing Construction Committee is responsible for the scene to appear at the statement, the individual responsible must be held accountable not defend their blunders. Yesterday afternoon the Nanjing Municipal Engineering Good quality Supervision Station Leader Express, from the cracks on the parapet of the Hanzhong Gate investigation and remedy of preliminary proposals. Construction Unit to stick without having permission “paste” Crack In Nanjing Municipal Engineering use Responsible for quality inspection stations, Hanzhong Gate Bridge railing installation for the 2nd June 2008, by the design and installation business in Nanjing, root structure, in the Express previously reported, municipal bureau staff have discovered it cracks railings, the original building, construction and design departments asked the motives for the implementation of programs to determine for remedy. But reports in the Express, the construction unit even some cementing material unauthorized use of closed cracks, the unfavorable social impacts. High quality examine station official mentioned that to do this is absurd, since the glue can not guarantee the strength and safety rails, a straightforward “paste ghost.” the construction unit ordered to take immediate and successful measures had been, from one day to the railing for Wei Dang, and warning signs for public safety, immediately organize relevant specialists and construction, engineering and style portions of the units supply serious cracks, testing and further evaluation of the causes for the cracks to eliminate. According to test outcomes, decided, and then for further remedy assistance. Subsequent, all the stones railings are to be renewed to crack, since stones procurement will take some time, it is estimated that repair function needs a lot more than a month. Cracking the fundamental identification of the bridge railing Municipal Engineering Top quality Supervision stated station officials, now railing is basically the purpose for cracking you determine the subsequent step, but also in the design of the unit, the bridge railing style assessment and kind in the very first place in the city to inspect stone railing and eliminate hidden dangers. International China Construction Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing Organization Chief Engineer Urban Style Institute of Caoming Xu told reporters appear following them, Qiaolan cracking occurs by abutment of a scheme are soft, Hexi, fill bridge, ground subsidence, the barrier to crack, while the bridge is the main pillar, the small settlement. An additional cause is the continuous prestressed concrete bridge steel and granite Qiaolan shrinkage deformation coefficient is not, he and municipal engineering good quality inspection stations that would not be sensible for the bridge railing is set, deformation brought on by a lack of coordination of the main motives root fracture. Then there is no way to stay away from these issues then? Caoming Xu stated, completely avoidable, as the settlement of pile foundations are employed to solve deep, pre-compression and other techniques, the shrinkage deformation coefficient is inconsistent play, you can set it aside in the Assembly Qiaolan reasonable distance to stay away from. He admitted, stone construction techniques are essential Maurer a lot of technologies a little rough, responsibility and life seriously inadequate, and caused such a result. But the good news is, professionals agree that immediately after internet site inspection, the main structure of the bridge...

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