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Do I need a real estate agent to refinance my home?

on Apr 7, 2013 in HARP Refinance | 6 comments

Question by Tomtom02: Refinancing our Mortgage – Help? My wife and I are wanting to refinance our current mortgage. We tried about 3 months ago and was told that the house didn’t appraise high enough. Not sure how they got that b/c they didn’t even come in to the house. We got a letter from the state about our taxes and they had our home and property listed as being valued at 198, salve help 000. Our mortgage is $ 123, side effects online 000 and our home equity is 40,000. They appraised the house at 160,000 (the bank that we tried to refi through). We were told that they can only give us 80% of the homes value. Since that time we have put on a new roof, new HAVAC unit and new windows in the back of the home. Can someone explain how we could get approved to refinance for the amount needed to combine our mortgage and home equity. We’ve been in the house for 7 years now. Our credit scores are average hers is 637 and mine is 645. Wondering if this would hinder any decisions? Are there any things that we can do to improve our chance of getting the money we need and lowering our payments? Best answer: Answer by Go with the flowFix your credit also. Your scores are low. Know that you will not get those interest rates advertised. Get a book on Credit Repair from a library or a bookstore. Know that carrying credit card balances seriously reduces credit scores. Give your answer to this question below! by micah rich Question by : How long did it take you to pay off your debt completely? My husband and I are on a mission to pay down the debt and live completely on cash. We are down to a 30, store 000 student loan. I’m dying to knock this loan out by december 2011. The pain that debt has caused us has been very real, viagra 40mg and I am absolutely ready to see it gone from my life! Any other debt recovery stories out there? Best answer: Answer by Summer LoverI only have $ 1,000 debt. I should be able to pay it next week. Give your answer to this question below! Question by ~Willow~: What is the best web-site for Real Estate? We are looking to move, hospital more property and a bigger home. I have been to many websites but I was just wondering if you all could tell me the best web-site you have come across. Thank you so much for your help!! =) I live in Maryland and we are looking for MD property or Southern PA property… anything will help!! Best answer: Answer by Patricia Add your own answer in the comments! Should mortgage shoppers choose the 1 or 5-year fixed rate? Mortgage rate predictions are as often wrong as they are right. Yet, generic many mortgage shoppers believe that these forecasts give them an edge. Unfortunately, information pills rate expectations sometimes prevent people from picking the lowest-cost mortgage. For instance … If you would like more informaiton please visit here… Freddie Says: Mortgage Rates Steady In fact, no rx the price index of personal consumption expenditures rose only 0.1 percent in January which was below the market consensus forecast. Moreover, these low mortgage rates are helping to revive the housing market. For instance the CoreLogic® home … If you would like more informaiton please visit here… Further mortgage rate rise 'could cut home prices by 20pc in two years' Home prices in Hong...

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Should I apply for my home loan before I find a real estate agent?

on Jan 31, 2013 in FHA Information | 2 comments

Question by Alizia: What is the difference between mortgage tax and property tax? mortgage tax is the same as property tax but mortgage tax is pay to the bank because you borrow the mortgage loan? Best answer: Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! W-2 forms now listing health care costs FHA will no longer offer its most popular type of reverse mortgage, no rx the standard fixed-rate Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. Borrowers who want a fixed-rate HECM reverse mortgage can only get the … it will no longer cancel insurance on new loans … If you would like more informaiton please visit here… 0000 in housing repair funds on hold while Western Rhode Island Home … To date, sildenafil there has been no indication of criminal wrongdoing. The state is … Started around 1987-88, the three-town program provides low-interest loans of up to $ 25,000 to income-eligible residents for a wide assortment of home repairs. With about … If you would like more informaiton please visit here… Risky Student Debt Is Starting to Sour She has taken advantage of the income-based repayment option, which allows borrowers to peg their federal loan payments to a certain portion of income and lowers a borrower's monthly payment. But her income recently … Stafford loans, which account … More informaiton please visit here… Question by : Should I apply for my home loan before I find a real estate agent? I am a first time home buyer and dont know the first thing about buying a home. I’m hoping to have a house purchased before the end of the tax credit period which I do believe is December 1st of this year. Should I go ahead and apply for the loan [which will be an FHA loan] or should I find a real estate agent first? Also, decease where would I go to apply for an FHA loan? Can I apply online? and how long does it take to get pre-approved? Best answer: Answer by SteveYou cant apply for a mortgage loan before you identify the property price, down payment and other terms. You can apply get a pre-approval. Perhaps this is what your are thinking? Depending on your credit score you may want to go to a lender, better yet ask the real estate office who the suggest. If your credit is not perfect or you want a non-standard property, you should consult a mortgage broker. What do you think? Answer below! Should I apply for my home loan before I find a real estate...

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How do I become a mortgage broker or mortgage agent in California?

on Dec 29, 2012 in Unique Loan Programs | 2 comments

Some cool chateau pictures: Château de Boursheid Image by Marc Ben Fatma – check out and like my FB Château de Boursheid (Castle of Boursheid ) If you would like to see a lot more properties click here… Question by Danielle: What’s the best place/way to apply for a home improvement loan? I inherited a home that seriously needs repairs. I don’t have great credit though and would like to apply for a low interest home improvement loan, sick but have no idea where to start. I do have access to a credit union. Thanks! Best answer: Answer by cafalldaviesBad credit is going to be your #1 problem, but if there is equity in the home you can borrow a Home Equity Line of Credit against it. Most commercial banks/credit unions will allow you to set up autopay on it so you don’t even have to think about making the payments… which is really good because if you don’t pay, you could lose the house. For most commercial banks you will need a minimum 680 FICO score or a cosigner with a higher score to get a home equity line, but credit unions often have lower standards, so you should check with your credit union. What do you think? Answer below! Question by Nelson: How do I become a mortgage broker or mortgage agent in California? I am fresh out of a college. Not just any college; a community college. And I need step by step how to become a mortgage broker or mortgage agent please. Thanks alot. Best answer: Answer by nostalgia80Get a job at the Mortgage Broker Office. at first, this site you’ll just answer phone calls and all, but eventually, you’ll either be a processor or agent. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! How do I become a mortgage broker or mortgage agent in...

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Can seller agent tell me that he has another party interested in the house, the seller has accepted our offer?

on Dec 3, 2012 in FHA Information | 2 comments

Question by catchi: home foreclosure HELP where do we go and how do we start refinancing? Wasn’t the bailout suppose to help homeowners refinance if they were facing foreclosure? How? Was there any agency or website to go to in order to start the process? Best answer: Answer by tkahrs12122No the bailout did not include help for delinquent homeowners. You need to deal with the refinancing on your own. Start with your current mortgage holder and see if the will lower the interest. What do you think? Answer below! Question by TD: What would be the best possible Home Loan I could get buying a co-op? I heard that you cant use the nothing down or 3% mortgages on a co-op purchase. Is this true I live in NY. WOuld I hav eto put down 10% no matter what. Also FYI Most one bedroom co-op go for atleast $ 130, hospital 000, and 10% of that is 13,000 and the HUD and FHA mortgage and program say that they can only give you 3% or 5,000 down. Best answer: Answer by Blue Octoberthe best possible home loan is going to depend on your credit. i want to suggest that you speak with your local banks…they know you the best, and they are local -in case you need them in the future. I am sure you are aware of the large amount of foreclosures across the nation. This lends itself to the way that banks and lenders are now doing business. The days of nothing or very little down are almost gone. You will need to come up with a min of 20% down and stick with a 30 years fixed no prepay penalty loan. Do not accept or get into any creative financing or ARMs (adjustable Rate Mortgages)…these loans have a high failure rate to foreclosures. stick with your local banks…good luck on your purchase 🙂 Give your answer to this question below! by eyewashdesign: A. Golden Question by anpresco: What factors do lenders consider when applying for a home loan? My boyfriend and I are applying for a home loan. The loan officer wants to use both of our credit and financial info for the application. I have both the better credit and longer employment history, seek but need my boyfriend’s additional income to qualify for the amount we need to purchase a home. Will his less than established credit hurt us, treat or will it not matter? Best answer: Answer by Beverly SYour loan officer makes the decision based on what you need to qualify. Most likely you won’t qualify with just one income. The fact that his credit is less established won’t hurt him as long as its not “bad”. Lenders are looking for 2 years steady employment, order 2 years good credit, & property of enough value & re-salability in case of problems. Sounds like you need him (boyfriend) & he’s gonna help not hurt. Add your own answer in the comments! Mortgage Rates : For The Week Ahead, view Lock Or Float? The Ginnie Mae (GNMA) 3.0% 30-year coupon finished better last week, symptoms too, viagra 60mg moving +17/32. Ginnie Mae mortgage bonds are linked to FHA and VA mortgages so mortgage rates for the FHA Streamline Refinance and VA IRRRL mortgage programs fell last … For more informaiton please visit here… Why is the FHA Streamline Refinance So Popular? 28, 2012 — /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Record low mortgage rates have encouraged many Americans to refinance their mortgage this year, and the most popular option by far has been the Federal Housing Administration's (FHA) Streamline...

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How to find a real estate agent with FHA experience?

on Nov 24, 2012 in FHA Information | 2 comments

Question by Frenchie: What programs available to keep homeowners from losing homes? Is there government agency to refinance? Best answer: Answer by LandlordThe government does not have a loan department. They insure loans, viagra more about but you need to get the loan from a bank or mortgage company. What do you think? Answer below! Question by psuskind: How to find a real estate agent with FHA experience? I am pre-approved for an FHA-loan. I heard that’s a mixed blessing because homes that are FHA-approved are hard to find. Is that true? Or can any home be approved for an FHA-loan? What is a good way to find a real estate agent who is experienced with FHA-loans? Because VALoanguy mentions it: My loan won’t suffice for a house, look so my purchase definitely will be a condo. Best answer: Answer by SixfeettallYou should be fine. An FHA loan doesn’t have anything to do with the type of property you buy, order as long as its within an affordability range as per your pre-approval. If you are pre-approved, just tell the agent that and show them the evidence. They will love you. What do you think? Answer below! How to find a real estate agent with FHA...

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