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Q&A: Is it right for the Feds to Bail Out the Wealthy with Tax Dollars?

on Jan 7, 2013 in HARP Refinance | 5 comments

Question by matinmom: Has anyone with a Wachovia mortgage had any success refinancing or modifying their loan? I just spoke to a Wachovia rep and he said they’re not offering the Hope for Homeowners program nor the Homeowner’s Affordability Program. What’s going on? I thought the government put these programs in place to help stabilize the mortgage crisis. Has anyone out there had success with a refinance/modify on their mortgage? If so, healing drugs which bank are you with and how did you do it? Best answer: Answer by JadaOh boy….I had to deal with Wachovia before and they are jerks! I would maybe try talking to your bank or credit union to see if you can refinance. Good luck! Give your answer to this question below! Question by Me, medications Too: Is it right for the Feds to Bail Out the Wealthy with Tax Dollars? The stock market recently plunged. There was a great deal of “pain” on Wall Street, diagnosis as the wealthier percentage of our citizens and Corporate traders went into a panic. Not once, check but several times, the Feds poured money out to rescue the market. However, there was no bail-out for the homeowners losing their homes, the mortgage foreclosures that caused the stockmarket plunge. Is it right for the Feds to bail out wealthier investors, while ignoring the plight of citizens unable to pay their mortgage costs, using their tax money to do it? Best answer: Answer by chocolahomaMay I remind you that the “wealthy” are the ones who hire and pay the rest of us. If they take a sudden financial hit, their response will be to lay off employees. When employees get laid off, the “wealthy” take another hit and the cycle repeats. Everything in the economy is connected, its much much more complex than almost any of us can grasp, and you’re gonna scream bloody murder if unemployment starts to rise… So there’s really no answer that will please you other than “rich=bad” and “government=evil”. What do you think? Answer below! Q&A: Is it right for the Feds to Bail Out the Wealthy with Tax...

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