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How do current mortgage rates help new home builders?

on Feb 3, 2013 in Unique Loan Programs | 2 comments

Question by reapacheep: What banks or lenders are the best in consulting about the HARP program? I qualify, more about ailment but I want to make the best first step by contacting a lender or bank that has a good track record for offering these type of refinances. Thanks Best answer: Answer by Rob SI’m pretty sure your own lender now can do the highest loan-to-value ratio (125%). If you go to another lender they can only go up to 100% or 105% of LTV I believe it is. Maybe check that restriction possibility out when you go shop it. Good luck, hope it works. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! by Chris Devers Question by emartel01: Did George Bush create a law regarding interest rates for home loans? Last I heard, visit this George Bush passed a law regarding interest rates for home loans. Can someone explain to me? Best answer: Answer by poolman4u03I don’t know if the law was passed, but the point was to freeze intrest rates for people with adjustable rate mortgages for a period of time. Add your own answer in the comments! Question by Cody: What is the highest mortgage I could afford on a small home? I generate with my fiance about $ 500 a week (well, web its more but I am rounding it down quite a bit). We are looking to get a small home, hospital 3 bedroom one floor house. We are in Michigan and plan to stay in our current area. I have fairly decent credit, about it not excellent, but certainly not bad. With utiliy cost in Michigan (winters mainly) what do you think our mortgage should be like? Whats the highest we can go on a loan? We are first time home buyers, and will likely try to find a foreclosure home to get us started for a good price. Any opinions and help would be appreciate, its our first steps out into ownership! Best answer: Answer by Uncommon SenseSince we are not psychic, we can’t answer. WAY too many variables in there like debt, credit score, type of loan. etc Give your answer to this question below! Question by Brian B: How do current mortgage rates help new home builders? I’d like to buy new construction as a result of the great mortgage rates right now. However, erectile by the time I’d close on my house in December, viagra 60mg it could be a totally different ballgame and rates could go through the roof. It seems to me, stuff then, that low mortgage rates only help people refinancing or buying an existing house. Best answer: Answer by Danielle MIt dosen’t help homebuilders. Right now nobody is really touching new construction. Theres to much inventory already on the market. What do you think? Answer below! How do current mortgage rates help new home...

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home sales tick up as builders slash prices

on Oct 26, 2011 in RE Finance | Comments Off on home sales tick up as builders slash prices

by Matt Callow Texas Gov. Rick Perry will propose giving Americans a alternative in between their existing earnings tax rate or a 20% flat-tax rate when he lays out part of his plan for the economic climate Tuesday in South Carolina. Mortgage News For much more informaiton please check out here… by Jsome1 Sales of new houses rose in September right after four straight month to month declines, story largely simply because builders cut their rates. Mortgage News More informaiton please visit here… home sales tick up as builders slash...

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